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Up To $10,000 Offered to Any Hacker Who Can Find Cyber Flaws on Cardano Network

The Cardano Foundation has partnered with HackerOne, a vulnerable management firm, in order to launch a “Bug Bounty” program that rewards hackers for finding any security vulnerabilities on Cardano, the emerging smart contracts platform.

In a blog post, Cardano Foundation describes the partnership with HackerOne as the right means to expose cyber security flaws on the network.

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As indicated on HackerOne official website, hackers will be rewarded with up to $10,000 ranging from $300 in the digital token ADA, depending on the severity of the vulnerability:

Over the coming months, together with the Cardano Foundation, our joint Bug Bounty program will use the power of HackerOne’s ethical hackers and diligent procedures to help us ensure that the Cardano blockchain is the most stable and secure blockchain possible.

The Cardano codebase will be tested for any performance bugs found which represent a critical vulnerability or potential exploit to core Cardano components. Through a bug bounty program, ethical hackers are incentivized to find vulnerabilities and responsibly report them so they can be fixed before serious damage is done.”

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Describing the necessity of the partnership, the Cardano Foundation pointed out that the best way to detect cyber flaws is using human ethical hackers rather than automated vulnerability scanners

“No organization is immune to security vulnerabilities. The only solution is to find and fix them before they are exploited by cybercriminals. Ethical hackers can find vulnerabilities that automated scanners miss, by thinking creatively and identifying places where bugs could be ‘chained’ together to provide an exploit.”

IOG Targets 12th September for Alonzo Mainnet Launch

The network testing becomes highly necessary as Cardano reaches the final stage of the Alonzo mainnet launch, which is to bring smart contracts functionality to the Cardano network.

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The estimated date of the launch is 12th September. The team has been working hard to make the rollout a success.


IOG noted:

“Over the days ahead, we’ll be doing final checks and testing within a controlled environment to ensure that we are ready to upgrade the main Cardano network. And usher in a transformative era of smart contracts capability.”

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