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Two Bitcoin Analysts Set SHIB Price If BTC Hits $250,000 or $777,000 This Year

Although Shiba Inu’s future trajectory is a subject of debate among analysts, the meme coin has gotten the attention of two prominent Bitcoin analysts who see a bright future for it.

Jason A. Williams (@GoingParabolic) and Yazan (YazanXBT) have generated significant buzz with their independent predictions for SHIB, both projecting a price target of $0.05 for the meme coin within the ongoing crypto bull market.

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This ambitious forecast is part of their broader outlook for leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP. Notably, their specific price targets for SHIB hinge on anticipated increases in Bitcoin’s value. Yazan predicts a $0.05 SHIB price if Bitcoin reaches $777,000 this year, while Williams proposes the same target contingent on Bitcoin hitting $250,000.

The $0.05 Target

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is trading at $0.00002387, down 3.66% over the past 24 hours. Reaching $0.05 would necessitate eliminating three zeros and require a 209,367.9% surge.

While the $0.05 target garners headlines, it’s crucial to acknowledge the diversity of analyst opinions on Shiba Inu’s future price. Historical context offers a glimpse into the token’s potential. Notably, SHIB experienced a remarkable surge of 884,400% following the 2020 Bitcoin halving, which ushered in a bull market that ended in 2021.

However, most analysts anticipate a more moderate price increase in the current cycle. One analyst recently predicted a potential 3,000% surge, while many others have set targets like $0.0001 or even $0.0005.

Times Tabloid recently looked at predictions from the analysts at Changelly, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, which show that SHIB might reach $0.0002, a target reinforced by SHIB marketing lead Lucie (@LucieSHIB).

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Market Capitalization Implications

Reaching a price of $0.05 would have significant ramifications for Shiba Inu’s market capitalization, the total value of all outstanding tokens.


At $0.05, SHIB’s market cap would skyrocket to a staggering $29 trillion, dwarfing Bitcoin’s current market capitalization of $1.3 trillion. Even in a scenario where Bitcoin reaches $500,000 by next year, its market cap would still fall far short of $29 trillion.

However, a prominent crypto figure has shown why a large market cap will not hinder SHIB’s growth. Many analysts are confident in the meme coin’s future, and this confirmation of a $0.05 target from two independent analysts has bolstered the bullish sentiment.

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