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Bitrue Launches $1 Million Trading Contest for Bitcoin (BTC) and XRP Holders

Bitrue Exchange, a prominent platform based in Singapore, has rolled out an exciting trading competition involving Bitcoin (BTC), XRP, and ORDI holders with a prize pool worth $1 million, aiming to engage its users in trading activities.

The contest, which commenced on February 7, includes users trading XRP, Bitcoin (BTC), and ORDI. It’s scheduled to last till February 22. It allows participants to compete for a share of the substantial prize pool valued at 1,000,000 USDT.

Participants are not subjected to specific registration conditions, making it open to anyone interested in joining the event. The exchange emphasizes support for spot trading pairs for all listed coins on its platform, ensuring inclusivity.

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The trading competition’s ranking is determined based on trading volume, where participants accumulate points through their trading activities. To qualify for the competition, participants must achieve a minimum trading volume of 100 USDT.

For clarification, trading Volume is the total value of both buys and sells performed by each user. This contest comes after another major exchange gave out massive prizes during the last few months of 2023, culminating in a 100,000 XRP giveaway in December.

The Prize Pool

Bitrue has introduced a dynamic prize pool structure, with its size increasing as the number of participants grows. Over 17,400 users have joined the competition, with a prize of 300,000 USDT. This total prize will keep rising until the contest surpasses 80,000 users and the prize pool reaches 1 million USDT.

A dedicated portal has been established to facilitate transparency and enable participants to track the competition’s progress. This portal provides real-time updates on the number of participants and the corresponding prize pool distribution.

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The leaderboard showcases the top performers based on their trading volumes estimated every 30 minutes. As of the latest update, the top three contestants have performed transactions worth 28.05 million USDT, 28.02 million USDT, and 27.26 million USDT with prizes of 75,000 USDT, 45,000 USDT, and 30,000 USDT.


Winners can expect their rewards credited to their Bitrue Futures accounts within two weeks after the competition concludes. These rewards are readily withdrawable, adding flexibility for participants. This trading contest presents an exciting opportunity for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to engage in spot trading activities while vying for substantial prizes.

With this approach, Bitrue aims to foster a vibrant trading community and promote wider adoption of XRP, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies on its platform.

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