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Top Financial Advisor Calls XRP the New Apple Stock. Here’s why

The cryptocurrency market is known for its volatility, with prices fluctuating wildly. XRP has mirrored this trend, but its prices have stayed on the lower side for a prolonged period. However, analysts have held on to their bullish conviction, and a recent statement by U.S. wealth advisor Mickle (@xrpmickle) has sparked debate and optimism about its prospects.

Mickle’s Bold Claim

Mickle compared XRP to Apple (AAPL) stock, highlighting AAPL’s historical growth as a benchmark. He emphasizes the impressive returns garnered by long-term AAPL investors who held onto the stock during its rise to dominance in the mobile phone industry.

Mickle contrasts AAPL’s steady climb with the recent slump in the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin has witnessed a significant 17.64% drop over the past month. Despite this short-term volatility, Bitcoin maintains a long-term upward trajectory comparable to AAPL’s performance over the past five years. However,  AAPL boasts a much higher overall return on investment (ROI) compared to BTC.

XRP’s Potential through Utility and Adoption

Mickle suggests that XRP can emulate AAPL’s success if its adoption within the global payments industry increases.  The global payments market represents a multi-trillion dollar opportunity, and wider acceptance of XRP for cross-border transactions could significantly influence its value.

While Mickle’s comparison to AAPL is intriguing, it’s crucial to consider the contrasting timelines. Apple, a company with over four decades of operation, has had ample time to establish itself as a market leader.  XRP, on the other hand, is a relatively young asset, having been introduced only eleven years ago.

Data paints a different picture when comparing historical returns.  While AAPL has delivered an impressive ROI exceeding 176,000%, XRP’s gains over the past five years are significantly lower.

Despite the current disparity in returns, other industry figures share Mickle’s optimism regarding XRP’s long-term potential. In August 2023, Wall Street Veteran Linda P. Jones stated that selling XRP now is the same as selling Apple or Microsoft stock in their early days. Talking about XRP’s potential. She stated, “You’re early, not wrong.”

Similarly, crypto analyst EGRAG CRYPTO (@egragcrypto) argues that acquiring XRP at its current price point could be similar to investing in tech giants like Apple or Google during their early stages. Panos Mekras, co-founder of Anodos Finance, believes XRP is a better investment instrument than Amazon, Apple, and Netflix.

The comparison between XRP and AAPL presents an interesting perspective on potential growth within the cryptocurrency market. XRP has unrivaled potential and could meet analyst and investor expectations under the right circumstances.


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Solomon Odunayo
Solomon Odunayo
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