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How This Wall Street Analyst Compares XRP Investment to Microsoft or Apple Stock

The forthcoming potential investment of $14.5 trillion into digital assets has caught the attention of financial experts. Linda Jones, a Wall Street analyst with a favorable perspective on XRP, drew parallels between selling XRP now and parting with Microsoft or Apple shares during their initial stages.

Insights on the $14.5 Trillion Investment

A recent disclosure from HSBC Bank and Northern Trust, two leading global financial entities, shed light on the potential future value of all assets, estimating it at $145.5 trillion by 2025.

These firms anticipate that digital assets will represent about 10% of this amount, which translates to $14.5 trillion. Linda Jones echoed this prediction, asserting the potential rewards for those possessing valuable digital assets like XRP.

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Emphasizing the current undervalued nature of digital assets, She tweeted, “Yes, the numbers are that big ($14.5 T). The money will flow digitally and you own a very valuable asset. You are early, not wrong.”

Drawing a parallel to the journey of present-day industrial giants, Jones posed a thought-provoking question: “If you knew you owned the next Microsoft or Apple stock, would you be in a rush to sell in its early days?”

XRP’s Trajectory Resembling Microsoft and Apple Stocks

Historical data provides an interesting perspective on Jones’s analogy. Microsoft, which went public in 1986, initially priced its shares at $21. Today, these shares have skyrocketed, valued at over $300. Apple’s journey paints a similar picture. Its shares, which were initially priced at $22 during its 1980 public offering, are currently valued at $174.49.

Many believe that XRP could embark on a journey resembling that of Microsoft and Apple. Given certain variables, including the potential public offering of Ripple, forecasts say that XRP’s value could reach double digits in the near future.

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In summary, with the expected surge of investments into digital assets, analysts like Linda Jones remain optimistic about XRP’s prospects. Drawing parallels to tech giants’ early investment opportunities, Jones and others believe that now might be the ideal time to invest in XRP before its potential meteoric rise.


Only time will reveal the trajectory of XRP and other digital assets in this rapidly evolving market.

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