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Expert Says XRP Is A Better Investment Instrument Than Amazon, Apple, and Netflix

Renowned crypto expert Panos Mekras has recently shared his perspective on the investment potential of XRP, drawing an intriguing comparison to the stocks of prominent companies in the technology sector, including Amazon, Apple, and Netflix.

Mekras argues that XRP presents a more extensive investment outlook than the stocks of these FAANG companies, pointing to a recent tweet by stock investor Brian Feroldi to support his claim.

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XRP: A Lucrative Investment Opportunity

In his tweet, Feroldi emphasized that latecomers to the stock market still have ample opportunity to make substantial gains. He cited examples of successful investments in Apple, Amazon, and Netflix made five years after pivotal milestones in their development.

Feroldi concluded his tweet by highlighting that being late to the party might not be as detrimental as commonly assumed, stating, “You can be ‘late’ and still win big.”

Mekras acknowledges Feroldi’s perspective and extends it to the realm of cryptocurrencies. He believes that the crypto space offers similar opportunities for latecomers but with even greater potential and a plethora of innovative projects.

Mekras emphasizes the vast possibilities within the crypto sphere, remarking, “It’s the same with crypto but with a much bigger potential and more opportunities. So many great projects, so much innovation.”

XRP and Avalanche: Blue-Chip Crypto Projects

Among the numerous crypto assets, Mekras singles out XRP and Avalanche (AVAX) as top-tier layer-one projects, akin to blue-chip assets in the cryptocurrency market. This distinction underscores the prominence and reliability of these cryptocurrencies, making them attractive investment options for those seeking long-term growth.

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Mekras’s comments challenge the conventional notion that entering the market at a later stage hampers the potential for substantial gains. His perspective highlights the growing potential of cryptocurrencies as an investment asset class.


While cryptocurrencies were once viewed primarily as speculative investments, the maturation of the technology and its increasing adoption by institutional investors have propelled them into the mainstream.

Moreover, Mekras suggests that XRP, with its scalability and potential for widespread adoption, is well-positioned to benefit from this trend. As a result, XRP may emerge as one of the preferred cryptocurrencies for institutional investors seeking exposure to the crypto market.

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