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Top Finance Experts Set XRP Price for the End of 2023. Here’s the Target

Amidst the prolonged legal combat between XRP owners and the U.S. SEC, the XRP price remains a highly speculative topic as the result of the legal procedures will play a significant role in the future price of XRP. This effect on the XRP price will be either positive or negative depending on the outcome of the court rulings.

It is no longer news that the court case between XRP and the United States Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) has dragged on since 2020 and may witness an end soon.

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In order to get the experts’ opinion on the future value of XRP, Finbold, a crypto media platform, consulted leading financial experts to get their predictions for the embattled digital currency by the end of 2023 and the likely impact of the Ripple-SEC lawsuit ruling.

What Experts Are Saying about XRP Price?

Tim Doman, an investment analyst, recognized the effects of the court procedures against the XRP price. Doman noted the impacts to be a positive one.

In his exact words, he said, “Recent court rulings seem to favor Ripple, leading to positive market sentiment. XRP has some great qualities, like being an excellent bridge between currencies, open-source, permissionless, and carbon-neutral. Plus, transactions on the XRPL settle in just 3-5 seconds, which is impressive.”

Speaking further, Doman brought up how the Balmain and Lotus partnerships could open up new potential for XRP by bringing automotive Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFTs) and fashion into the XRPL. The coalition described by Doman will likely increase XRP’s value over time.

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While commenting on a possible price prediction at the end of 2023 for XRP, Doman said, “XRP’s average price prediction for November 2023 is around $0.5, which isn’t bad. And the highest possible price? About $0.54. While the lawsuit and market volatility creates uncertainty, XRP has strong fundamentals, so we might see growth by the end of 2023.”

Dony Gamble, the CEO of Retired Investments spoke extensively on why XRP will attain more positive growth. According to Doman, the first notable reason why XRP is on the right track to experiencing growth could be due to a well-known fact about the XRP development team that is constantly working to improve its technology and establish new collaborations with significant financial firms.

Also, XRP possesses better scalability when compared to other crypto projects. Dony believes that better scalability will be handy for XRP’s growth in the future. Finally, Dony mentioned that Ripple is growing its user base. His exact words were, “This could open up more opportunities for XRP to be used in mainstream applications, which would help propel its growth going forward.”

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Daniel Wilczyinski, the HardBlock Founder, maintained that several factors likely come into play that will ultimately determine the fate of XRP. Daniel noted the court ruling as a central contributing factor that will decide XRP’s fate.


Forging ahead, Danie added, “Increased adoption by financial institutions and favorable regulatory developments could boost its value. However, the competitive landscape and overall market sentiment will also play crucial roles.”

Artificial Intelligence was not left out of the XRP price predictions. CoinPriceForecast, a finance prediction firm with machine self-learning technology predicted a remarkable price increase of $0.49 for XRP by the end of 2023.

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