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Top Analyst Projects $750 Solana (SOL) Price. Here’s why

Solana (SOL) has carved out a notable place for itself, demonstrating a remarkable growth of 360% in the past year. This impressive surge, however, has seen a price downturn lately, with the coin experiencing a 0.32% drop in price to $102.44 in over 24 hours.

In the face of these recent happenings, Chris Burniske, a former analyst at Ark Invest and a respected figure in the crypto space, remains optimistic about Solana’s prospects. He recently echoed a projection by an X platform user, Farid, who ambitiously set Solana’s (SOL) price target at $750.

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While Chris Burniske agrees that the $750 price target for Solana is a huge goal, he believes it’s not too far-fetched. He points out that this target is about three times higher than $260.06, the Solana (SOL) all-time high that was recorded in November 2021.

Solana’s journey has not been without its challenges, as earlier this year, Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson made fun of the project after facing an outage that stopped transactions on its mainnet and shortly dropped its price.

However, the blockchain has made significant strides in innovation and adoption. It notably became the first Web3 entity to launch a mobile phone, Saga, marking a considerable achievement in blockchain technology’s integration with mainstream consumer electronics.

The approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs and their effects on the overall altcoin market has also played a role in Solana’s recent performance. Despite these market dynamics, Solana has maintained its growth trajectory, facilitated by developing and adopting Dapps and meme coins, among others, within its ecosystem.

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Market Analysts Confidence in Solana (SOL)

Market analysts and investment firms have also recognized Solana’s potential, setting ambitious price targets that reflect confidence in the blockchain’s innovative capabilities and its role in the evolving digital asset space.


Solana’s pioneering efforts, such as the launch of the Saga mobile phone, show its commitment to pushing the boundaries of what blockchain technology can achieve.

While Solana has recently faced some bearish corrections, the outlook remains overwhelmingly positive. With continued innovation, growing adoption, and the unwavering support of influential figures like Chris Burniske, Solana appears well-positioned for further growth. Its best days, as Burniske suggests, may indeed be ahead, making it a blockchain worth watching out for.

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