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TerraCVita Considers Infrastructure Testnet Development For Terra Classic Network

The independent Terra Classic development group continues to devise strategic ways to revitalize the LUNC project and make the network attractive to DApp builders and investors.

According to a senior member of TerraCVita, Rex Harrison, the team is weighing in on the creation of an infrastructure testnet in the Terra Classic ecosystem. 

As part of the update, he created a poll to discover the standpoint of the LUNC community concerning the infrastructure testnet idea as well as ascertain members that would love to take an active part in the deployment of the testnet. 

Interestingly, the majority of the LUNC army is in full support of the idea as they believe it would facilitate the revitalization of the Terra Classic project. On the other hand, a good percentage of community members showed interest in helping bring the infrastructure testnet to life. 

At press time with 13 hours left for the Twitter poll to end, a total of 284 users voted. Out of the 284 users, 77.1% of them, representing 296 community members, want TerraCVita to run with the plans while 10.2% (29 members) said they would love to work with the team. 

While 8.1% of members indicated their lack of knowledge about an infra testnet, 4.6% said the LUNC development group should not develop it. 

In stating the significance of the shared idea, Rex Harrison disclosed that the testnet would enable the Terra Classic Joint Layer-1 Task Force to join forces with decentralized application (DApp) creators to develop the project’s Layer-1 code. 

He added that the testnet would equally enable DApp builders and network validators to test L1 codes to reduce issues pertaining to upgrade releases. 

Speaking of which, the L1 Task Force accomplished two key network upgrades last month — V.1.0.5 and V.1.1.0. Both upgrades triggered the reintroduction of LUNC burn by Binance. The leading crypto address recently confirmed the date for its next massive LUNC burn.


It bears mentioning that TerraCVita is currently developing Terraport, a decentralized exchange built on the Terra Classic blockchain. This DeFi project, which would burn millions of LUNC, is expected around Q2 of 2023.

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