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Terra Team Shares Update on Airdrop, Says LUNA 2.0 Token Will Be Listed On Holders’ Favorite Exchanges

The team behind the Terra blockchain announced that LUNA 2.0, the new token of the new Terra blockchain will be airdropped on May 28th, 2022 to LUNA token holders who were vastly affected by the collapse of the ecosystem.

The new development was announced a couple of hours ago via the team’s official Twitter handle. According to the report the token will be disbursed on May 28th at 06:00:00 GMT.

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Terra team tweeted, “The LUNA airdrop will occur on the first block of the new Terra chain, expected on or around May 28th, 2022 at 06:00:00 GMT.”

LUNA 2.0 Token Will Be Listed On Users’ Favorite Exchanges

The team also assured users that some top exchanges are already working with them to make sure that everything goes as planned.

The team is also certain that the underway token will be listed on many users’ favorite crypto exchanges.

“Thanks to our exchange partners working with us closely, the new LUNA coin will be listed on many of your favorites. The finalized list of those participating in the launch will be out soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime, watch for announcements from exchanges on Twitter.” Terra team added.

Regarding the migration of decentralized applications (DApps) from the old to the new blockchain, the team wrote, “Many of the dApps you know & love from Terra Classic have committed to migrating to Terra. Their launch timing will depend on several factors including team bandwidth, so we’ll let you hear from them directly about their plans (which we can’t wait to hear as well).”

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Will the Airdrop Show in the Wallet Automatically?

On whether holders need to claim the airdrop or it will automatically show in all affected wallets, the Terra team wrote:

“LUNA that is not immediately staked (as vesting tokens) will be made available in users’ Terra wallets automatically.


“Staked vesting tokens will show up in Terra Station. Users just need to select the new network and visit the “Stake” tab to view their staked balance. After a user’s vesting cliff is hit, tokens will start to become available in their wallet each block.

“Users who receive the airdrop through CEXs should check with the exchange for details on how the $LUNA airdrop will work. Our partner exchanges have done a great job of communicating these details, and we’ve been retweeting the announcements as they drop.”

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