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Terra Classic (LUNC) Community Members Divide Over the Proposal To Stop Paying Jacob Gadikian

Following the resignation of Jacob Gadikian from the Joint L1 Task Force in January, a proposal to cease payments to the Notional Labs founder was recently submitted and voting is underway.

Accordingly, there have been intense debates among Terra Classic community members as each person’s opinion regarding the issue differs largely.  Also, LUNC supporters argue on whether Notional Labs led by Jacob Gadikian is in contract with the Terra Grants Foundation (TGF) or the Terra Classic community. 

As spelled out in the proposal to form the Joint L1 Task Force whose objective is to complete the required updates to upgrade and stabilize the layer 1 (L1) of the Terra Classic blockchain, Edward Kim disclosed that Jacob Gadikian’s paycheck would total $37.5k for work done in 3 months. This signifies $12.5k per month given that he was one of the two full-time developers in the 7-man team. 

Proposal 11316 recommends that the top developer should only be paid for the month of January while the payments for February and March be retained in the Terra Grants Foundation multisig wallet.

LUNC community reactions to Proposal 11316

Among those who commented on Proposal 11316 is Classy, a top validator on the Terra Classic network. He noted that the situation required no proposal as it is customary to pay only when a job is done. According to Classy, the proposal is useless and only contributes to the incessant dramas in the LUNC community. 

In his words, “LUNC proposal 11316 is useless and just creates more drama. A disagreement happened, LUNC moves on. No work = No pay. Work = Pay for Work done.”

On the other hand, TerraCVita, an independent LUNC development team, revealed that it voted ‘No with veto’ on the proposal, citing that the Terra Classic community members should not interfere in a contract that did not directly involve them. According to TCV, Gadikian’s point about Allnodes validator’s high voting power and its customer’s key compromise were not out of place. 

The TerraCVita Twitter handle tweeted, “We voted ‘No with veto’ against 11316. We feel a contract was made between Edward Kim (Terra Grant Foundation), and Jacob Gadikian and it’s not for the community to interfere. Also, Gadikian had a valid point, simply confused by Zaradar’s inaccurate input. We think the more L1 Devs in LUNC, the better.” 

In response to both comments, DemonMonkey, the co-founder of LuncLive validator and the compliance officer of Terra Grants Foundation said, “TGF has only made 1 agreement and that’s with the LUNC community. The same community voted to fund all the individuals and or entities on the L1 Task Force. Therefore, the community and Notional have a contract. TGF has not made any agreement with any other persons or entities.”


He added that the proposal isn’t useless as presented by Classy, stating that community voting is needed in a situation like Gadikian’s. 

In the same vein, another LuncLive co-founder JBooze remarked that community voting is required as the Terra Grants Foundation only acts as a custodian of funds and is not independent of the Terra Classic community. According to him, proposal 11316 is not vital since it comes to officially end the original agreement between the Joint L1 Task Force and Jacob Gadikian.

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