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Terra Classic Dev Team Shares Terraport Launch Roadmap: Details

The preview of the Terraport launch roadmap shows the dates for the following events — the TERRA token distribution, the V1 launch of the Terra Classic-based DeFi project, TERRA token trading commencement, the Terraport Farming Contract, and Terraport Staking Contract releases.

Details of Terraport Launch Roadmap

Terraport Finance is a Terra Classic layer-2 decentralized finance project spearheaded by the LUNC development group —TerraCVita— to introduce a DEX that would support several LUNC trading pairs and token burning.

It is one of the many projects the TerraCVita development team plans to bring to the Terra Classic ecosystem in a bid to facilitate the revitalization of LUNC. 

In a recent update, the team shared a preview of the Terraport launch roadmap, citing that they are working hard to ensure a seamless experience for users. 

Additionally, the team highlighted a few issues with the vesting contracts on Terraport. “We noticed some incorrect receiving wallets,” part of the tweet read, urging investors to check and make the necessary corrections within 72 hours from the time of the announcement. 

Per the roadmap preview, the TERRA token distribution event will take place on March 28 while Terraport V1 would be launched on March 31. 

Both the Terraport farming contract and staking contracts are scheduled to be released after the V1 launch of the layer-2 DeFi project. Notably, trading of the native token of Terraport, TERRA, will also commence on March 31.

Meanwhile, the presale of the deflationary token began in early January through which TerraCVita raised $3 million to fund the development of Terraport Finance.

According to the project’s whitepaper, the highly anticipated Terraport project promises to be very instrumental to the growth of the LUNC as it would help burn billions of LUNC tokens weekly. Particularly, the TCV team noted that Terraport would burn LUNC from every transaction made on the trading platform. 


Recall that Rex Harrison, a senior member of TerraCVita, previously disclosed to the Terra Classic community Terraport’s ultimate goal for LUNC and why the Terra Classic community needs Terraport.

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