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Solana Partners with PUBG Creator, Krafton, To Develop and Market Blockchain-Based Games

Krafton, the firm behind the popular PUBG: BATTLEGROUND, has announced the sealing of a business partnership with Solana (SOL), a highly functional open source project that implements a new layer 1, permissionless blockchain, to develop and market blockchain-based games and services.

Purpose of the Significant Partnership in Details

According to the announcement, KRAFTON and Solana Labs will build a long-term relationship through the partnership. It’s targeted at boosting the growth and development of games and services that are based on blockchain.

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The two companies are set to jointly design and market blockchain-based games and various blockchain technologies, including cooperation on investment opportunities.

Going by the report, Krafton wants to use the partnership to foray into new business opportunities in 2022. Back in February, the company announced its plan to add WEB3 and NFT businesses to its game operation.

It’s worth noting that the company’s product, PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, is already loved by millions of gamers across the world. So, the firm wants to leverage blockchain to boost its capacity.

Reacting to the new development, Hyungchul Park, Lead of Web 3.0 Roundtable at KRAFTON, said:

“KRAFTON will continuously see ways to work closely with blockchain companies like Solana Labs as we work toward establishing our Web 3.0 ecosystem.

“As one of the best global high-performance blockchain with strength in high speed and low fees, Solana represents the best of the Web 3.0 ecosystem and its technologies.

“Through this cooperation, KRAFTON will acquire the insight needed to accelerate its investment in and output of blockchain-based experiences.”

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Johnny Lee, Head of Games Business Development at Solana Labs, also said:


“We’re excited by KRAFTON’s commitment to build the future of gaming on Solana. KRAFTON is an established innovator in the games industry and we are excited to be part of their next level up.

“We are seeing gamers increasingly seek out on-chain games and gaming companies who respond quickly to this demand will set themselves up well for ongoing success.”

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