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Solana (SOL) Becomes New Payment Method on 1xBit, Join and Enjoy

Recently, 1xBit has delighted its community with a surprise. They have introduced a new cryptocurrency to their list, Solana (SOL).

The betting platform provides multicurrency network crypto accounts, allowing customers to choose from 40 different cryptos. Now, the SOL coin opens up new possibilities to crypto members to discover its several benefits and use cases through 1xBit.

What is Solana bringing to 1xBit? 

In 2022, Solana is one of the cryptocurrencies that everyone needs to try and regularly use as it brings essential advantages to the crypto market.

Founded in 2017, Solana is recognized for being a public, open-source network that enables smart contracts, including NFTs, and a wide variety of decentralized applications.

In essence, it is a blockchain platform intended to run decentralized, scalable applications. And, unlike competing blockchains like Ethereum, it can handle far more transactions per second and has significantly lower prices and transaction fees.

At its core, Solana uses a revolutionary technology known as Proof-of-History (PoH).

In terms of tokenomics, there are 320 million SOL coins now in circulation, with a total supply of 511 million. Solana also distributes a predetermined amount of inflation-based rewards throughout its weighted validator set, protecting the Solana network. Each payment is weighted based on the number of coins staked.

And when it comes to the coin, it has two functions: first, holders may use SOL to stake and get rewards; second, users can pay for fees associated with executing smart contracts or other activities.

1xBit the leading crypto gambling platform

Since 2016, 1xBit has provided its members with the most exciting sporting events and casino games. They have a huge collection that will appeal to every player.

The platform only accepts cryptocurrencies and has gathered practically every sort of wagering on a single platform, and the most unexpected thing is that 1xBit has many surprises.

One example is that 1xBit provides all newbies with a welcome bonus of 7 BTC. All that is required to get your hands on the goodies is to register with your email address.

Second, several options are available to you, such as gambling, sports betting, lotto games, political betting, and even lottery.

Last but not least, 1xBit organizes various tournaments in which everyone may participate and win exciting prizes.

Now is your chance to become a member of the 1xBit community and even gamble with Solana.


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Tobi Loba
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