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Ethereum Mainnet to Undergo Shadow-Fork-3 Today. The Merge Getting Closer

Ethereum mainnet shadow fork, which is the third of its kind, is slated to be performed later today. The upcoming development is expected to determine when the much-awaited Merge will play out.

In a tweet on April 4th, Ethereum Arms wrote:

“All set for tomorrow’s ethereum mainnet shadow-fork-3. We got 2 nodes: Raspberry_Pi with Geth and Nimbus, plus 5 validators; Odroid hardkernel with Geth and Lighthouse, plus 5 validators. Big shoutout to Parithosh Jayanthi for the support and the validators. #TestingTheMerge.”

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Ethereum mainnet shadow-fork-3 is a new devnet designed to fork the live network with a few nodes. The devnet copies the live network with the same state, history, and chain ID.

Via the shadow fork, developers will be able to test any new updates or functions on the blockchain, since the event will give them access to the replica of the main network.

According to the chart shared via trent.eth Twitter handle, the Ethereum network is currently at the stage of the Kiln testnet and implementation of shadow forks.

The next step is the release of Fork Public Testnets and clients that will be tested by those who are willing to participate. As soon as the testing period ends, Ethereum developers will announce the date of implementing Merge on the mainnet.

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Several Ethereum developers have reiterated that the proof-of-work (PoW) consensus algorithm is outdated, which implies that an upgrade is essential at the moment.

Despite the calls for an upgrade by some active users, others still believe that the PoW blockchain has managed to prove its stability over the years and any change to PoS would bring more risks than benefits.

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