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Ripple Meets With National Bank of Georgia. Here’s What Is Cooking

Ripple, a leading provider of enterprise blockchain solutions for global payments, is exploring new avenues for collaboration with the National Bank of Georgia (NBG) on digital financial initiatives.

This news comes after Ripple’s successful selection as the technological partner for NBG’s pilot project on the Digital Lari, Georgia’s Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

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The discussions between Ripple and NBG, which involve Ripple’s Vice President James Wallis and Alistair Brown from software engineering service provider EPAM Systems, focus on identifying potential applications of blockchain technology to further digitize Georgia’s economy.

Antony Welfare (@AntonyWelfare) shared the exciting news on X, and this collaboration builds upon the existing partnership established for the Digital Lari pilot.

Ripple’s selection as NBG’s CBDC partner is a testament to the company’s proven capabilities in the field. After a rigorous selection process that evaluated nine contenders based on technological expertise, maturity, experience, and commitment to real-world implementation, Ripple emerged as the frontrunner.

The partnership leverages Ripple’s CBDC Platform, a purpose-built solution designed to facilitate the exploration and evaluation of CBDC use cases. Through this platform, NBG will pilot the Digital Lari and assess its potential benefits for stakeholders, including the public sector, businesses, and individual consumers.

Ripple’s Growing Role in the Cross-border Payments Industry

This collaboration with NBG is not an isolated case. Ripple’s payment systems have garnered significant interest from other central banks. Notably, Banco de la República, the central bank of Colombia, partnered with Ripple to explore the potential of blockchain technology for its Digital Peso pilot.

This initiative, which involved Colombia’s Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies (MinTIC) and Peersyst Technology, a blockchain specialist firm, aimed to assess the efficiency gains achievable through a CBDC solution built on Ripple’s platform.

Ripple’s dedication to innovation and its commitment to advancing the field of digital currencies can be seen in its history. The company has been partnering with major financial bodies since 2021 and earlier.

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The recent discussions between Ripple and NBG suggest a promising future for continued collaboration. Ripple’s expertise in blockchain technology and its successful track record in CBDC projects, make it the perfect partner for NBG.

Many are also excited that these partnerships and XRP’s potential role as a CBDC can cause a massive price increase. Some analysts have targeted $10,000, and many believe the digital asset can climb higher.

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