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Ripple CEO’s Cryptic 78-Day Reference Sparks XRP Price Speculation Within the Community

Ripple has been making waves in the crypto world due to its legal victory against the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in July. However, it’s not just the legal win that has got the XRP community buzzing.

Financial expert and author Linda P. Jones (@LindaPJones) recently sparked discussions with a post regarding a statement from Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse at the Ripple victory party.

Whale Alert

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Her post on X was about Garlinghouse’s reference to the “78 days” since the lawsuit victory judgment. She asked for comments from the community on what this could mean and why he specifically mentioned 78 days.

Deciphering the 78-Day Mystery

Crypto users are known for finding hidden meanings in even the most casual remarks, and this time was no different. One member, Oro Georgio (@OroGeorgio), put on his detective hat, speculating that Garlinghouse’s mention of “78 days” could signify an upcoming development.

Georgio counted 78 days from the date of the Ripple Victory Party, which took place on September 29, to arrive at this conclusion. This calculation led to December 16, a date close to Christmas.

Georgio suggested that Ripple might have something special in store for the XRP community in the form of an XRP discount. He stated, “And he started his speech with Christmas, too. Maybe they’ll give us a good price on xrp for Christmas.” Intriguingly, Jones seemed to like this idea, responding with a simple “Love that.”

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Another XRP enthusiast also chimed in, pointing out that the Ripple party occurred precisely 78 days after the U.S. court delivered the landmark ruling confirming XRP’s non-security status.

Meanwhile, another XRP enthusiast offered a different perspective. He proposed that the 78-day reference might be Ripple’s way of reminding its staff about their momentous legal victory. He suggested that this could also serve as an opportunity for those involved to express their appreciation for the achievement.


XRP Price to $78, $7, or $8?

One user offered a unique opinion, stating that XRP would go to $78. That would be a massive jump from its current price of $0.4861. A prominent crypto analyst recently predicted that XRP would drop and provide a buying opportunity. If it eventually gets to $78, anyone who buys in now could join the list of crypto millionaires.

Another user offered a more reasonable prediction of a move to $7 or $8. However, most community members didn’t see the 78-day remark as a big deal. One user stated that the reference was because the party was a significant event and emphasized that it means nothing in the grand scheme of things.

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