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Rex Harrison: LUNC Price Can Surge 10x if it Attains Shiba Inu (SHIB) Market Cap of $6 Billion

The Terra Classic community has been putting lots of actions into play for the revival of the capitulated LUNC token. The members of the ever-growing community continue to showcase optimism. The recent optimism was showcased by a Terra Classic influencer known as Rex “Rexyz” Harrison.

According to Rexyz, LUNC has the potential to increase 10x its current value if it manages to touch the current market capitalization of another popular decentralized finance project Shiba Inu (SHIB), and the current number of staked tokens doubles.

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It’s worth noting that Rexyz made this assertion in response to a comparison made by another Terra Classic community influencer, Cryptomane.

In the tweet that brought about the reaction, Cryptomane tried to weigh the chance that both LUNC and SHIB have to attain their respective goals of reducing their massive supplies.

According to Cryptomane, LUNC has a total supply of 6.8 trillion tokens. On the other hand, SHIB has a supply of 589 trillion tokens, which is over 86 times more than that of LUNC. Both are DeFi platforms as earlier stated and they have a common goal of burning tokens to boost their long-term values.

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Rexyz then responded by terming Cryptomane’s assertion as an interesting comparison. He said if LUNC was “$6bn and staking doubled each LUNC could in theory x10 in value, and to burn 75% of: SHIB = $4.5bn LUNC = $530m.”


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