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Research: XRP Could Reach $771 if it Grabs 20% of $50 Trillion Projected XRPL Volume

The possibility of XRP reaching a staggering $771 price has captured the imagination of many within the cryptocurrency community. However, this ambitious prediction hinges on several key factors, and can only happen if XRP captures 20% of the projected $50 trillion volume on the XRP Ledger (XRPL).

Archax CEO’s Vision

At last year’s Swell conference, Graham Rodford, CEO of global securities exchange and custodian Archax, made a bold prediction that XRPL could process a colossal $50 trillion in volume by the fourth quarter of 2025. He reasoned that the growing institutional adoption of blockchain and the emergence of real-world asset tokenization would fuel this immense growth.

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Such a surge in XRPL volume would undoubtedly impact XRP, its native token. Increased adoption and demand could propel the asset toward the much-desired price appreciation envisioned by many in the community. However, quantifying the exact magnitude of this appreciation remains a complex task.

The Athey and Mitchnick Calculator

To shed light on this question, we used the Athey and Mitchnick Calculator, a tool designed to estimate the intrinsic value of crypto assets based on various parameters. It is crucial to understand that the $50 trillion volume wouldn’t solely benefit XRP.

Therefore, we assumed XRP captures only 20% of this volume, translating to $10 trillion. This represents a substantial 8,233% rise compared to its current average daily volume of around $1.2 billion.

For the average transaction processing time (a metric reflecting token activity), we chose five days, the calculator’s default value. XRP’s current store of value ($27 billion) remained unchanged within the analysis. Finally, considering Gordon’s Q4 2025 projection, a two-year timeframe was set to reach the projected volume.

Circulating supply also factored into the equation. Assuming Ripple’s escrow releases continue at a pace of 200 million tokens per month, the circulating supply is expected to reach 58.8 billion by December 2025, compared to its current 54.4 billion.

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XRP’s Potential Price

A 5% discount rate, the calculator’s default, was used to account for the time value of future cash flows. Based on these parameters, the Athey and Mitchnick Calculator arrived at an astonishing $771.70 price point for XRP if it captures $10 trillion in volume.


XRP is trading at 0.5206, up 3.08% over the last 24 hours. XRP would require a staggering 148,132.8% increase to reach the predicted target. Although this target is lofty, other forms of analysis have projected higher fair market values for XRP, showing the digital asset has the potential to reach as high as $513,000.

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