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Ripple CTO’s Cryptic Tweet Sparks Speculation Among XRP Army. Sell or Hold XRP?

A recent tweet by Ripple CTO David Schwartz has sent shockwaves through the XRP community, leaving investors divided on whether to hold or sell their XRP holdings.

While the tweet appears to recount a personal financial regret, many within the community believe it carries a hidden message urging them to hold onto their XRP. This has ignited a spirited debate and sparked speculation about the future of the cryptocurrency.

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Decoding Schwartz’s Tweet

Schwartz’s tweet recounts a past decision to sell 40,000 ETH for a mere $1 each, which he used to fund a solar panel project for a property he no longer owns. He acknowledges the painful reality that those tokens are now valued at an astonishing $100 million.

Adding another layer to the narrative, Schwartz shares his father’s similar experience of selling crypto and Apple stock, only to witness their meteoric rise in value. This shared experience has led many to interpret Schwartz’s tweet as a subtle message urging XRP holders not to sell their assets.

The “Hold” Interpretation

Many of the XRP community members believe that Schwartz’s tweet calls for patience and resilience. They interpret it as a signal to hold onto XRP despite its lethargic price growth over the years. Proponents of this interpretation anticipate a significant surge in XRP’s value, aligning with Schwartz’s message of regret over missed opportunities.

However, not everyone within the XRP community shares this interpretation. Some, like Guardy, argue that the tweet primarily focuses on real estate rather than crypto holdings. They believe that Schwartz’s message serves as a general cautionary tale about impulsive financial decisions, rather than a specific call to hold XRP.

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The Ongoing Debate

The timing of Schwartz’s tweet has further fueled the “don’t sell” interpretation. With XRP inching closer to the $1 mark, many see the tweet as a deliberate message urging investors to hold onto their assets.


As the XRP community continues to dissect Schwartz’s message, the debate rages on, highlighting the emotional connection investors often have with their digital assets.

As the story unfolds and XRP’s price fluctuates, the community will undoubtedly continue to analyze Schwartz’s cryptic message, seeking guidance and reassurance in their investment decisions.

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