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LUNC and USTC Set for More Gains as Key Recovery Proposal Sees Vast Support

Terra Classic (LUNC) is gearing up for a significant upgrade. The core developer, L1TF, has opted to convert an already approved proposal into an upgrade proposal.

Proposal 11890, titled “Upgrade to v2.3.2 (Sequence Mismatch Issue Resolution),” is currently up for voting, with 100% support. The proposal seeks to implement the terrad client v2.3.2 on-chain.

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This update will rectify a critical sequence mismatch issue that has been impacting some validators during dyncomm commission edits.

Although this proposal had previously passed, validators and L1TF decided to transform it into an upgrade proposal. This transition simplifies the upgrade process for validators by automatically halting the chain, facilitating a smooth upgrade for validators and node operators.

L1TF wrote, “After validator feedback and discussions on proposal 11885, we decided to change the procedure to an upgrade proposal. This makes the process easier for validators as the chain halts automatically, allowing validators and node-operators an easier upgrade.”

The chain is scheduled to halt at block 15751600, estimated to occur on December 8 at 1:18 PM.

The Dyncomm Module

The dyncomm module, which was introduced in terrad client v2.3.0, integrates protocol logic for determining minimum validator commissions based on voting power. However, Vinh Nguyen, the lead developer at L1TF, discovered a crucial problem related to sequence mismatches that impact certain validators during commission edits.

This issue hindered specific accounts from engaging with the chain. With favorable votes, the new upgrade stands at 100% support from the Terra Classic community.

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A Sustained LUNC and USTC Rally

LUNC and USTC have experienced remarkable surges over the past few weeks. LUNC is up 78.17% over the last month, currently trading at $0.0001172. USTC has had a more remarkable month, surging 319.17% to its current price of $0.05115.


We recently covered the reasons for the price surges in the Terra Classic ecosystem, and this upgrade and persistent revival efforts by the community are some of the top reasons. The upcoming Terra Classic upgrade and the recent price rallies in LUNC and USTC suggest promising prospects for the network.

With these developments, the Terra Classic ecosystem appears poised for continued growth and development. If the community and developers can maintain the active development of the ecosystem, it might only be a matter of time before we see bigger price surges for the ecosystem’s tokens.

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