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Evernode Releases Important Airdrop Note For XRP Holders: Details

The eagerly anticipated airdrop from Evernode (EVERS) has ignited a wave of excitement among XRP holders. However, the recently released airdrop registration details have also sparked a chorus of concerns among some community members, prompting Evernode to address these issues head-on.

Evernode is a Layer-2 scaling solution on XRP Ledger (XRPL), and it has provided a multi-step process involved in the airdrop registration, which has caused discontent in the community.

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The Registration Process

The process begins with registering an r-address and can only be done on the Xumm wallet. Evernode, while acknowledging the complexity of this process, maintains that it is essential to ensure a seamless and secure distribution of the airdrop to deserving participants.

The ongoing registration process is just the first hurdle. Once the protocol officially launches on December 18, eligible XRP holders will need to import or clone their XRPL r-address onto Xumm. Evernode advises those who find the process overly demanding to opt out early rather than express their grievances later.

Evernode defends its approach by explaining the difficulties in verifying participation in its beta testing program, emphasizing that the outlined process is the most feasible way to distribute the EVERS airdrop fairly.

A Diversified Reward Landscape for XRP Holders

The Evernode airdrop is not the only avenue for XRP holders to reap rewards. The XRP ecosystem has witnessed a surge in initiatives that reward network members and users simply for holding XRP. Uphold’s XRP sweepstakes are a recent notable example, generously rewarding XRP holders.

This growing trend of rewarding XRP holders could revitalize the coin’s bullish sentiment and attract a larger audience to the XRP ecosystem. The success of the Evernode airdrop campaign will provide a boost to the broader XRPL ecosystem.

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Ensuring Eligibility for the Evernode Airdrop

With Evernode’s airdrop still ongoing, it’s crucial to stay informed and follow the outlined procedures meticulously to ensure eligibility for the reward. Evernode provides updates on X, and staying abreast of the latest updates and instructions is paramount to avoid potential complications.


The Evernode airdrop is not just about accumulating tokens, it’s about demonstrating the strength of the XRP Ledger and its ability to innovate and reward its community.

However, a prominent member of the XRP community recently raised concerns about Evernode’s airdrop security, particularly concerning connecting hardware wallets to the Xumm app.

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