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Legal Expert Predicts Outcomes of the SEC Battles Against Ripple and Coinbase

The ongoing legal showdowns between the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and two major crypto players, Ripple and Coinbase, are still ongoing with increasing uncertainty about how the lawsuits would end.

Renowned crypto lawyer James Murphy, also known as “MetaLawMan,” has recently shared his insights on the potential outcomes of these lawsuits, shedding light on the influence of upcoming elections and broader regulatory implications.

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Ripple’s Future: Settlement or Storm?

Murphy anticipates a potential settlement in the SEC lawsuit against Ripple, pointing to the 2024 elections and potential changes in SEC leadership. He highlights the judge’s initial ruling, which granted Ripple a partial win and acknowledged the distinction between XRP and traditional securities. However, both parties are expected to appeal, with the SEC possibly contesting sales outside its jurisdiction.

While the “election year gamble” adds an element of intrigue, experts caution against drawing definitive conclusions. External factors and unforeseen developments could significantly alter the course of the case.

Coinbase vs. SEC: Clash of Titans or Regulatory Confusion?

The Coinbase lawsuit adds another layer of complexity. Murphy questions the SEC’s consistency, emphasizing its approval of Coinbase’s public listing in 2021, followed by a lawsuit just two years later. This raises concerns about regulatory clarity and potential power struggles within the SEC.

However, it’s important to acknowledge the limitations of drawing conclusions based on isolated actions. The SEC’s decision-making process remains complex and multifaceted.

These legal battles extend beyond the immediate parties involved. They expose regulatory complexities, underscore the need for clear frameworks, and potentially set precedents that impact future developments within the crypto space.

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It’s crucial to remember that these lawsuits are ongoing, and any definitive pronouncements about their impact would be premature. However, they present an opportunity for the industry to engage in constructive dialogue and advocate for clear, comprehensive regulations that foster innovation and protect investors.


The upcoming elections and the unpredictable nature of legal proceedings contribute to the uncertainty surrounding the future of these cases. This underscores the need for the crypto community to stay informed, engage in collaborative efforts, and actively participate in shaping the regulatory landscape that will govern their digital assets.

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