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“Are you asleep at the wheel again?” Ripple CEO Asks YouTube As He Explains Trending Scam Video

Over the years, Ripple has always been the target of deepfake scam videos on most video-sharing apps, especially YouTube, the largest video streaming platform.

The appearance of such videos on YouTube could only beg one question: what is the level of scrutinizing content on YouTube before approval for public consumption?

For context, Deepfakes are realistic-looking but fake images, voices, or videos, which are misleading and aimed at defrauding unsuspecting targeted audiences.

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Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse recently took to his verified X handle to call out YouTube over a newly emerged deepfake video making rounds on the online video-sharing platform. 

In his latest tweet, Garlinghouse shared a photo clip of the fake content on YouTube, which, according to him, was cropped out from an old video footage of one of Ripple’s events being manipulated and edited to convey misleading messages to unsuspecting viewers. 

The Ripple CEO tweeted, “There’s been an uptick in deepfake scam videos (ex below) overlaying new words with old video footage from Ripple’s events (@YouTube are you asleep at the wheel again?!).”

In addition, the Ripple CEO warned that the public desists from digesting every message they see on social media and other public platforms. He urged them to make efforts to confirm every update via Ripple’s official platforms.

Garlinghouse remarked, “Reminder: don’t trust, verify (all approved messaging will only come from official Ripple accounts).”

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Content Of The Deepfake Scam Video

The sophisticated video, making rounds, adopted  Artificial intelligence technology to mimic Garlinghouse’s voice, gestures, and a realistic background to relay some enticing and misleading information, which seemed to be grabbing the attention of naive XRP community members. 

In the video, a fake giveaway atmosphere was replicated, urging XRP holders to send a minimum of 1,000 XRP in exchange for 2,000 XRP in return. Interestingly, the video was promoted and propagated as an XRP community support initiative.

Ripple And YouTube’s Previous History 

In the past, Ripple, XRP’s primary distributor, had sued YouTube and its executives over the propagation of similar scam content. 


However, the court case did not persist for long as YouTube accepted responsibility for defaulting and promised to do better next time to prevent the reoccurrence of a similar event. 

While Ripple restrained from pushing the case further following YouTube’s acknowledgment of its flaws, it is left to see if the case will be resurrected again following the newly released deepfake video.

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Chinedu Agbakwusi
Chinedu Agbakwusi
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