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John Deaton On Ripple Victory: XRP is a Utility Token At Its Core

The high-stakes SEC v. Ripple lawsuit continues to captivate the attention of both financial markets and legal experts as the case unfolds. Amid the prevailing uncertainty, John Deaton, the esteemed attorney representing over 75,000 XRP holders, remains resolute in his conviction that Ripple will emerge triumphant.

Deaton’s unwavering confidence stems from a fundamental argument that XRP should be classified as a utility token rather than a security. This distinction carries immense weight, as securities fall under the purview of the SEC’s regulatory framework, while utility tokens do not.

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In a recent post on X, Deaton underscored the “simple logic” that forms the foundation of Ripple Labs’ defense strategy: XRP primarily functions as a facilitator of cross-border payments and other decentralized applications, setting it apart from securities, which represent investments in companies with the expectation of profit.

Deaton expressed astonishment over the failure of more seasoned securities lawyers to grasp this distinction, suggesting that personal biases against Ripple may have clouded their judgment. He emphasized the crucial need to uphold the rule of law, regardless of individual opinions about the defendants.

“It was mind-blowing that other, more experienced securities lawyers didn’t see it like I did,” Deaton stated. “I think it was because they didn’t mind who the Government was going after. That is a dangerous position to take. We can’t turn a blind eye to government overreach just because we don’t like the defendant.”

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While some commentators, including Fox Business senior correspondent Charles Gasparino, have urged caution and warned against premature optimism, Deaton remains resolute in his belief that Ripple will ultimately prevail. He points to the company’s previous legal victories and the strength of its arguments as evidence of the impending success.

“I’m confident that Ripple will win this case because they’re right,” Deaton asserted. “XRP is not a security, and the SEC’s case is built on a flawed understanding of the law.”


The Ripple-SEC lawsuit, with the remaining trial scheduled for April 2024 in the U.S. Circuit Court Southern District of New York, remains a closely monitored upcoming event in the crypto industry. The outcome of this legal battle carries significant implications for crypto regulation and the future of blockchain technology.

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