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Top Journalist Says Ripple Lost Lawsuit Against the SEC, XRP Community Reacts

Contrary to the usual sentiment shared by most crypto enthusiasts and market analysts, Charles Gasparino, a renowned news reporter, recently took to X, asserting that Ripple lost the legal battle with the SEC in court.

Describing the current standings of the legal dispute, Gasparino noted that Ripple might have been cleared on the aspect of retail XRP holders for now because of Judge Torres’ ruling, which he termed “idiotic and ridiculous.”

Gasparino remarked, “Ripple didn’t win; it lost. Retail XRP holders “won” for now because Judge Torres issued a truly idiotic, split the baby, ruling that’s the laugh of the southern district.”

Why Others Share A Different Opinion

Ripple has recorded several significant landmark victories in the court, which appears to be pointing to the singular fact that the token is on the verge of attaining complete regulatory clarity soon. 

The US-based cross-border payments firm recorded a big win in mid-July after Judge Torres ruled its sales as non-security transactions.

The above ruling was followed by the court outrightly rejecting SEC’s motion to file an interlocutory appeal to push the lawsuit further. 

Ripple’s most recent win played out in late October, with Judge Torres officially signing the dismissal of the SEC case against Ripple executives. 

The series of events described above would undoubtedly hint strongly as to why the crypto community appears to disagree with Gasparino’s claims, which was evident in the comments section of the news reporter’s tweet.

Reactions And Comments From The Crypto Community

Reacting to Gasparino’s claim, a user named Oskar Anarson remarked that the journalist is bent on damaging Ripple and Judge Torres’s reputation. He urged Gasparino to be careful about his choice of comments as the outcome could tarnish his reputation as a journalist. 


Another user described the crypto reporter as a sore loser who finds it difficult to accept defeat. He added that Gasparino’s legal analysis has since lost relevance, and if he continues in this way, his reputation would only keep going down the drain.

Summarily, most comments under Gasparino’s tweet seemed to be discrediting his claims while taking subtle shades and making a mockery of him.

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Chinedu Agbakwusi
Chinedu Agbakwusi
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