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Analyst Says $100 XRP Price Is Inevitable, Citing Certain Bitcoin Trends From 2010

The host of 24HrsCrypto, an online XRP community on X, recently made a bold prediction for XRP price. 

The online community account handler and digital assets price analyst noted that XRP is poised for growth that would see it clinch a $100 selling price. The crypto analyst cited some reasons for his claims. 

Worthy of note is the fact that the bold assertion on XRP was based on Bitcoin’s price trajectory over the years.

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Bitcoin (BTC) Early Days 

Sharing a Bitcoin price chart, revealing the number one crypto asset market statistics ten years ago, the crypto analyst could be said to be drawing an analogy that could be applied to XRP. 

According to the shared price chart, Bitcoin, as of September 21, 2010, was priced at $0.0602 with a 24-hour trading volume of $11,538.45. Notably, this period coincided with a four-month interval after Laszlo Hanyecz paid 10,000 BTC coins for just two pizzas. 

The above scenario says a lot about Bitcoin’s worth during its early days. More striking is that the chart revealed the BTC’s appreciation rate to be 58,925,325%. 

According to the online community host, BTC transaction fees could cost up to $10 to $35. On the other hand, XRP seemed to maintain a constant cheaper rate of $0.0002 on the XRP Ledger (XRPL).

Attesting further to why XRP seemed to have an edge over BTC, the crypto analyst noted that Bitcoin’s transaction could take up to 48 hours to complete. Meanwhile, XRP requires 2 to 8 seconds for a similar task. 

Per the crypto analyst, Bitcoin boasts a zero global adoption rate. This particular claim is debatable and not justifiable as most top crypto and market watchers seemed to share opposite sentiments about the assertion.

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Nevertheless, XRP has also been impressive in global adoption rate as an efficient payment option both locally and internationally. 

Finally, the market analyst highlighted the environmental impact of Bitcoin, which has become a significant global concern, adding that XRP has maintained the status of being an environmentally friendly crypto asset. 


The bottom line of all these comparisons remains that Bitcoin is still maintaining the topmost spot in the market despite all its shortcomings. Why should XRP not even soar higher, as the comparisons above seemed to place the coin ahead of BTC?

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time bold predictions have surfaced on XRP attaining a $100 price level. Steven Nerayoff, a prominent member of the XRP community and an early Ethereum advisor, and Matt Hamilton, former director of developer relations at Ripple, have asserted similar price trajectories.

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