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Is Shiba Inu (SHIB) To $0.01 Possible? Google Bard Artificial Intelligence (AI) Gives an Answer

The Shiba Inu community continues to hope that SHIB would stage a significant price rally in the near future to certain high price points. With many zeros still present in the price of the decentralized meme token at the time of writing, members of the community have been eyeing the $0.01 price point.

But what are the odds that SHIB would get to this level given its prevailing hyperinflated token supply, low investment amounts, and slow adoption rate? To answer this question regarding the likelihood of the crypto asset reaching $0.01, Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) application Bard was queried, indicating SHIB’s circulating supply of 574 trillion tokens. 

Responding to the question of whether SHIB would get to $0.01 or not, Google Bard AI noted that SHIB price growth would not happen. In particular, it said reducing the supply of the decentralized meme token would play a great role if the community wants to see SHIB at $0.01 and above. 

The AI chatbot said, “It is possible for Shiba Inu to hit $0.01 in the future, but it would require a significant increase in demand and a decrease in supply.”

Factors that Can Aid Shiba Inu (SHIB) to $0.01?

Also, it said many other things need to take place before the asset can spring up in value which includes SHIB being widely accepted as a payment method in many businesses.

“There are a few factors that could contribute to an increase in demand for Shiba Inu. One possibility is that the cryptocurrency could become more widely accepted as a form of payment,” Google AI chatbot wrote.

According to its response, strategic Shiba Inu ecosystem developments and partnerships with top-class businesses and companies are other prerequisites for SHIB to hit the highly coveted $0.01 price mark.

“SHIB will have a chance at hitting $0.01 if the Shiba Inu ecosystem could continue to develop, with new projects and partnerships being announced,” Bard concluded. 


It bears noting that the Shiba Inu community has been burning billions of SHIB weekly, resulting in a steady rise in the burn rate. Likewise, many developments including Shibarium, SHIB Metaverse and Shibaswap 2.0 are underway and expected to be launched in the coming months.

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