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IOTA Partners With Dell To Develop Data-Driven Solution for Real-Time Tracking of Carbon Footprints

IOTA, an open-source distributed ledger and cryptocurrency designed for the Internet of things (IoT), has sealed a partnership with the tech giant Dell Technologies to develop a data-driven solution for the real-time tracking of carbon footprints.

The development was announced a couple of hours ago via the official Twitter handle of Dell’s edge solutions team. According to the report, climate change-focused technology companies ClimateCHECK, and BioE are also included in the partnership to develop a solution on top of Dell’s in-house Data Confidence Fabric (DCF) and Project Alvarium initiatives.

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Della Edge and Telcom tweeted, “We’ve partnered w/ @Iota, BioE, & @ClimateCHECK to develop real-time carbon footprint tracking through a data confidence fabric!”

Sharing details regarding the new development, Mathew Yarger, head of sustainability at the IOTA Foundation, stated that the four companies designed integrated digital measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) tool.

In collaboration with Project Alvarium, the digital MRV can collect data from sensors and manually input and process it via Dell PowerEdge servers to send near-real-time insights into the carbon footprints of BioE’s sustainable energy and composting facility.

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Matthew Yarger noted, “We’re now able to track and verify data around climate change and how we’re actively trying to address it at a level that’s never been achieved before.”

It should be noted that IOTA Foundation has been an active participant in Project Alvarium, which was first abstracted by Dell in 2019 to leverage reviewed data from the DCF across heterogeneous systems.


“Transparency and trust in data is paramount for addressing the global issues of climate change and transitioning to climate action,” Matthew Yarger added.

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