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How Much You Need to Be A Millionaire If Cardano (ADA) Hits $5 or $50

Over the past few years, Cardano (ADA) has emerged as one of the most talked about crypto assets that has attracted considerable attention after showing glimpses of becoming a rewarding investment in past bull seasons.

During the 2021 bull season, ADA displayed its massive potential for expansion when it skyrocketed to attain a $3.09 price all-time high (ATH). While the present market outlook has not been favorable for most crypto prospects, hope still abounds for a potential positive turnaround in ADA’s price actions.

Consequently, Cardano holders are still hopeful about earning massive rewards once the market swings in a bullish trajectory. However, the extent to which ADA would appreciate remains unknown as it can only be speculated based on various price predictions. At press time, ADA is trading at relatively $0.48

Becoming A Millionaire If ADA Hits $5

At the current price, 200,000 ADA is needed to become a millionaire.

Accumulating 200,000 ADA at $0.5 would require an investment capital of about $100,000, implying that profits would amount to $900,000 once ADA ascends to $5.

Ascending To A Millionaire Status If ADA Hits $50

While a $50 price target might sound quite ridiculous, it is not far-fetched, considering that the crypto market could be dynamic with the least anticipated price actions.

Amassing $1 million if ADA hits $50 would require 20,000 tokens worth approximately $10,000 at ADA’s current selling price and representing profits of around $990,000.

Possibilities Of ADA Hitting Either $5 Or $50 – Market Experts’ Insights

In an old news publication, Javon Marks, a crypto analyst and strategist, predicted a two-part upward trajectory for ADA. In the first phase, the analyst projected a 462% surge that would skyrocket ADA’s price towards the $2.7 price mark.

For the second part of the upward trajectory, Javon predicted a 1,500% surge that would propel the digital asset toward a $7.8 price target.


Meanwhile, Changelly andTelegaon have projected potential timelines for ADA to hit $50. Changelly stated that the digital asset would hit the lofty price target around 2040. On the other hand, Telegaon gave a further timeline around 2050.

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Chinedu Agbakwusi
Chinedu Agbakwusi
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