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Hoskinson Unveils Cardano-Based Privacy-Focused Blockchain Project: Details

Cardano founder and Input Output Global Chief, Charles Hoskinson, unveils Midnight, a fresh blockchain project, built by the IOG team and designed to enhance data protection and tackle censorship as well as privacy problems.

As the popular smart contract-enabled platform continues to evolve and offer unique solutions, a huge development has been recorded in the Cardano ecosystem, as disclosed by Charles Hoskinson on Friday. The Cardano (ADA) creator tweeted, “Hello Midnight. Welcome to Cardano.” 

What is Midnight? 

The issue of censorship and lack of privacy continues to prevail in the internet space. To this end, developers of the Charles Hoskinson-led blockchain-based research and development company, Input Output Global (IOG), is on the course of fully deploying a blockchain solution dubbed Midnight. 

The ingenious project seeks to offer data and information protection to both individuals and enterprises. In other words, Midnight, which is still in the developmental stage, is a data protection-based blockchain powered by Input Output Global (IOG). 

As revealed on the project’s website, “Midnight will be a data protection-based blockchain that safeguards sensitive commercial and personal data, protecting fundamental freedoms of association, commerce, and expression for developers, companies, and individuals.”

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Whereas the Midnight blockchain will play the role of safeguarding sensitive personal data for regular users, it will also enable developers to build decentralized applications (Dapps) with data-protection and privacy-enabled capacities. 

“Midnight will enable developers to quickly build and deploy data protection-first DApps using many programming languages, starting with Typescript, whilst companies will be able to share mission-critical information without the fear of leaks or censorship. Individuals will be able to safely share their sensitive information when operating in a connected world,” the team added. 

Cardano Community Reacts

The Cardano community expressed lots of excitement following the partial unveiling of the privacy-focused project. While a certain user cited that Midnight would be Cardano’s privacy coin, the IOG team noted that the project is still in development, and updates on its progress will be shared as work continues into 2023. 


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In one of the reactions, a Cardano community member said, “Cardano is always evolving. To scale to a billion users you need the features that are required to support a billion people. Midnight will provide much more capabilities that go beyond the average blockchain.”

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