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Here Is How Much 100M, 300M, and 500M SHIB Will Be Worth if Shiba Inu Regains ATH

While the general market outlook might seem unattractive, chances still abound that it could see a spontaneous reversal in the positive direction, resulting in a rally that would skyrocket most crypto assets, including Shiba Inu (SHIB), beyond expectations.

After its scintillating run in the 2021 bull season that made so many investors millionaires, Shiba Inu has often struggled to reattain previous heights that saw it clinch a $0.000086 price all-time high (ATH).

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Nevertheless, this year has been relatively good for SHIB, considering that it deleted a zero in its market valuation, broke a strong resistance at $0.000001, and has maintained price levels above $0.00002 for two consecutive months.

At press time, Shiba Inu (SHIB) is trading at approximately $0.000025, with an 8% price upsurge in the last 24 hours, according to CoinMarketCap. Considering the market’s present condition, it is safe to say that SHIB’s price is impressive and boasts tremendous potential to reclaim its ATH.

Subsequently, we shall estimate what 100 million, 300 million, and 500 million SHIB holdings will be worth if reclaims its ATH.

Worth of 100M, 300M, And 500M SHIB At ATH

At its peak price, 100 million SHIB will amount to about $8,600. A similar quantity of SHIB will sell for approximately $2,500 at the coin’s current price. Profits from the investment will run into $6,100.

300 million SHIB holdings will be worth $25,800 at ATH. Procuring a similar amount of SHIB now will require an estimated $7,500 investment capital, representing profits of about $18,300

Finally, a 500 million SHIB holding will be worth roughly $43,000 at ATH. Meanwhile, purchasing the same token quantity now will be worth approximately $12,500, implying profits of about $30,500.

SHIB Gearing For A Significant Surge

Since Shiba Inu came on board, its development team has proven reliable in its effort to improve SHIB’s fortune via every possible means.

Recently, the development team announced the launch of a Decentralised Exchange (DEX), ShibaSwap, on the Shiba Inu ecosystem Layer-2 scaling solution, the Shibarium.

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The ShibaSwap and Shibarium integration sparked widespread excitement among SHIB enthusiasts, as it would play a tremendous role in helping reduce SHIB’s massive circulating supply pool and increase SHIB adoption rate, all combining to skyrocket the canine-themed crypto asset price even beyond its ATH.

How events unfold remains uncertain, as the market could swing in any direction without prior notice. Hence, investors should do adequate research before committing to crypto investment projects.

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Chinedu Agbakwusi
Chinedu Agbakwusi
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