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HeightZero Vice President Narrates His XRP Investment Journey That Commenced in 2019

In an intriguing revelation, Sean Waters, the Vice President of Business Development at HeightZero, disclosed that his initial foray into the world of cryptocurrencies began with his purchase of XRP. Since acquiring the digital asset in 2019, Waters has held onto it steadfastly without ever selling.

Waters made this revelation during a recent interview with Uphold, a US-based trading platform known for its favorable stance on XRP. The news was shared on Twitter by Uphold, generating interest and curiosity among crypto enthusiasts.

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XRP: The Catalyst for Waters’ Crypto Journey

Waters recounted that his first encounter with cryptocurrencies occurred towards the end of 2019 or early 2020 when he decided to venture into real investments. It was during this period that he took the plunge and invested in XRP as his initial asset.

Admitting that his choice of XRP was initially speculative, Waters revealed that he was influenced by a friend’s recommendation. Little did he know that this decision would serve as a catalyst for his immersion into the world of digital assets.

This newfound interest led him to actively participate in online communities dedicated to cryptocurrencies, such as Discord and Twitter, where he avidly followed the XRP army and diligently sought to understand the underlying technology of XRP.

Holding Firm: Waters’ Stance on XRP

Despite the turbulent nature of the crypto market, Waters has remained resolute in his decision to hold onto his XRP investments. He emphasized that he has not sold any of his holdings to date and has consistently acquired more.

Reflecting on his investment journey, Waters commented, “I’ve yet to sell – it’s been all buys, no sells – but I’ve enjoyed the ride so far.” His unwavering dedication to XRP speaks volumes about his confidence in the future prospects of the digital asset.

Uphold: Waters’ Platform of Choice

During the interview, Waters also discussed his association with Uphold and how it relates to his affinity for XRP. He revealed that after initially purchasing XRP on Coinbase in 2019, he sought alternative platforms when Coinbase discontinued support for XRP in early 2021. Ultimately, Waters discovered Uphold, a pro-XRP exchange, and was impressed by its comprehensive offerings.

Transferring his XRP holdings to Uphold, Waters commended the platform for its diverse features that allowed him to expand his portfolio. Unlike many US-based platforms that delisted XRP, Uphold has continuously supported the digital asset, even holding over 2 billion XRP at one point.

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Unique Challenges and Uphold’s Solution

When discussing the challenges of the digital asset industry, Waters shed light on the unique complexities involved in dealing with cryptocurrencies. He emphasized the significance of custody, highlighting the necessity to secure wallets and protect private keys – aspects absent in traditional finance.


Notably, Uphold has teased the upcoming launch of an advanced custody solution. This development promises early access to XRP enthusiasts, further solidifying Uphold’s commitment to offering comprehensive services tailored to the needs of cryptocurrency investors.

Waters’ journey into the world of cryptocurrencies, spearheaded by his investment in XRP, showcases the transformative power of digital assets. His unwavering belief in XRP’s potential, coupled with Uphold’s steadfast support, exemplifies the evolving landscape of crypto investments.

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