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GossipSHIB: ETH 2.0 and Shibarium Are Like Living with Rent and Building Your Own House

GossipSHIB, a stern Shiba Inu community member, has recently compared the much-anticipated Ethereum 2.0 upgrade and Shibarium. She likened the two upcoming and network overhauling developments to someone living in a rented apartment while building his/her own house.

GossipSHIB shared this opinion on Twitter a couple of hours ago. In the tweet, the Shiba Inu enthusiast described Shibarium as a means to give the native tokens of the Shiba ecosystem a very solid foundation.

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She explains further that Shibarium will not only bring lower transaction fees, it’s also coming to enhance the network in terms of functionality, such as what the upcoming ETH 2.0 (Consensus Layer) means to the Ethereum network.

GossipSHIB tweeted, “Eth 2.0 vs Shibarium. It’s like living with rent and building your own house. The purpose of Shibarium is to create a strong foundation for Shiba Ecosystem tokens, in addition to low fees, there is Metaverse, Game and Dapps all together, etc.”

When Is Shibarium Launching?

At the moment, there is no estimated date for the launch of Shibarium. However, its documentation may happen in June 2022, considering the Shiba Inu lead developer Shytoshi Kusama’s statement of early May.

Back then, he was asked when to expect the layer-2 solution’s documentation, he answered and said anytime between May and June 2022.

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Although this comment was misrepresented as the actually launch, Shytoshi Kusama’s previous comment regarding the launch date was enough to clear the air.


On the 2nd of May, the lead developer was asked, “Wen SHIBARIUM Sir?

In response, he said, ACTUALLY pretty soon. Look for documentation very soon.”

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