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Ethereum-Cardano USD Coin (USDC) Bridge Now Active. Here’s How It Works

Cardano community members can now give the Cardano-Ethereum USD Coin (USDC) bridge a try as it’s currently active in the beta test version.

To execute a swap as required by Milkomeda and Iagon Token Bridge, users need to hold at least 4 milkAda tokens in their wallets.

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In a case where a user does not have enough or any milkAda tokens in his wallet, ADA can be transferred from any Cardano wallet to Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) wallet to get the required number of tokens.

As soon as the required number of tokens is obtained, users can then proceed to the bridge page and connect their Cardano wallet with Nami of Flint wallets. Afterward, they would need to select Milkomeda C1 and send their ADA to the address provided.

Cardano-Ethereum USD Coin (USDC) Bridge Now Active. Here’s How It Works
Source: iagon

Iagon Token Bridge Currently in Beta Test Version

As aforementioned, Iagon Token Bridge is now actively functioning, but in the beta test version. However, it’s already achieving the purpose of its creation by wrapping and unwrapping IAG tokens on the Ethereum and Cardano blockchains.

The solution, powered by the Milkomeda sidechain, allows swapping ERC-20 IAG tokens for native tokens from the Cardano to Ethereum and vice versa.

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Vasil Hard Fork May Go Live On Public Testnet on June 2nd

According to glneto, a developer at Mutant NFTs, a Cardano-based non-fungible token platform, the much-anticipated Vasil Hard Fork may go live on the public testnet on June 2, 2022. While the mainnet launch is estimated to launch on June 29.


glneto tweeted, “Cardano Vasil hard fork will be available on public Testnet on June 2nd (Mainnet planned for June 29th) and here is my take of its benefits from an @epoch_art perspective.”

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