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Wall Street Veteran Explains Why XRP at $3.84 ATH Could Set New Ripple IPO Valuation Record of $500B

Seasoned Wall Street analyst Linda Jones has ignited discussions around Ripple’s potential IPO valuation with a bold hypothetical scenario.

In her analysis, Jones explores the possibility of Ripple setting a new IPO record, contingent on two key factors, which are the resolution of Ripple’s ongoing lawsuit with the SEC and a remarkable resurgence in the price of XRP to its all-time high of $3.84.

Whale Alert

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Ripple’s XRP in Escrow Holds the Key

Her central argument revolves around the immense value proposition (billions of XRP) locked in Ripple escrow. With approximately 40.5 billion XRP currently in escrow, a price surge to $3.84 would translate to a staggering $150 billion valuation for this portion alone.

This unlocked value, according to Jones, should translate to a commensurate valuation for Ripple’s stock, reflecting contemporary trends where tech giants boast multi-billion dollar valuations.

Jones establishes a thought-provoking comparison between Ripple and established tech giants like Nvidia, Apple, and Amazon. While acknowledging Ripple’s relative youthfulness compared to these industry titans, Jones emphasizes its disruptive potential in the realm of cross-border payments and financial technology.

By positioning Ripple alongside these industry leaders, Jones suggests that a multi-billion dollar valuation for the company in an IPO scenario is not only feasible but potentially conservative.

A Record-Breaking IPO

Building on the projected $150 billion XRP valuation, Jones ventures into the realm of speculation, envisioning a scenario where Ripple’s IPO could establish a new benchmark.

“I could see where we could have a new record for a company at its IPO valuation. And that Ripple could be the company that makes that new record,” she stated.

She envisions a $350 billion or even half a trillion of dollars ($500 billion) valuation for Ripple’s stock, considering its XRP holdings and market position, marking an unprecedented milestone in the history of crypto IPOs.

However, it is essential to acknowledge that Jones’ analysis is highly speculative. While highlighting the potential attractiveness of Ripple as an investment opportunity, she readily admits the lack of concrete data regarding Ripple’s current revenue stream, a crucial factor in determining valuation.

Additionally, it’s important to remember that Ripple has currently shelved its IPO plans due to ongoing regulatory hurdles, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the feasibility of such an event soon.


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Ripple’s IPO Plans

While Jones’ analysis presents an intriguing thought experiment, Ripple has abandoned plans for an IPO in the U.S. because of regulatory uncertainty and the SEC’s unfriendly regulatory practices. The company is looking for IPO opportunities outside the U.S., and missing out on what could be the biggest crypto company IPO could draw negative attention to the SEC.

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