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Elon Musk’s Recent Critical Announcement Excites Dogecoin and XRP Armies

Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk, recently took to the X (formerly Twitter) to announce a couple of significant developments on the platform. This announcement has generated a wave of enthusiastic anticipation within the Dogecoin (DOGE) and XRP communities, sparking speculation about the future trajectory of X.

Musk’s tweet revealed the completion of a crucial milestone for X: the migration of all core systems to the domain. This news generated enthusiastic responses, particularly from users associated with DOGE and XRP. Many users flooded the comments section with a recurring question – will X now incorporate DOGE as a payment option?

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Cryptocurrency Integration on X: A Possibility?

While official announcements regarding Dogecoin (DOGE) or XRP integration are absent, X’s recent move to has sparked discussions within the cryptocurrency community. Speculation on the potential impact X’s embrace of any cryptocurrency, like DOGE, could have on its adoption and value.

This is particularly relevant considering Elon Musk’s influence on the DOGE price. It’s important to note that similar rumors about XRP payments were recently debunked, highlighting the need for official confirmation from X before concluding.

X Announces Humorous AI Feature

Beyond the migration news, Musk unveiled a future-oriented feature for Grok AI, the X chatbot powered by xAI. Grok AI will “soon offer a humorous take on the news in the spirit of how The Daily Show and Colbert Report used to be in ancient times.”

This addition infuses X with a dose of personality, specifically targeting users who enjoy lighthearted news commentary. It remains to be seen how this feature will influence user engagement, but it represents a unique approach within the social media landscape.

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Looking Ahead: X’s Continued Evolution

The recent developments underscore X’s ongoing evolution. The consolidation of with the previous domain suggests a focus on internal streamlining and brand identity. Also, introducing a humorous AI feature indicates X’s commitment to user engagement and fostering a dynamic platform experience.


The cryptocurrency community, meanwhile, awaits any potential announcements regarding DOGE or any crypto integration, a move that could have significant ramifications for the digital currency landscape.

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