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Details on First Cardano Smart Contract in Python

As the Cardano ecosystem prepares to advance further in 2023, its first smart contract in Python has been taking center stage among the developers.

The expected news about this notable development is already trending this year, which implies that Cardano developers are not deterred by the sharp drop in capitalization that ADA underwent in 2022. The first exciting news about the development came via the first contract script in Python.

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First Cardano Smart Contract in Python

This innovation is still in the testing stage. Thus, a perfect example of what it might look like was shared by Cardano developers through a transaction that took place on Jan. 10, which indicated that there are plans to integrate contracts into PyCardano, an altcoin library in Python.

This vital step in Cardano’s development is thanks to Eopsin, a new Pythonic programming language, which the developers describe as efficient and secure.

Eopsin can also be classified as a translator. It takes code written in Python and turns it into the smart contract language that Cardano blockchain can understand, Plutus. Also, it analyzes the different parts of Python code and finds ways to make it faster.

Fun Fact: Like other names that make up the Cardano ecosystem, such as ADA, Shelley, and Voltaire, Eopsin also has a story behind it.

Eopsin is the goddess of storage and wealth in Korean mythology and shamanism, also called the goddess of professions. The myth says that Eopsin incorporated rat snakes, and Koreans worshiped her in order to gain riches.

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Benefits of Python to Cardano Blockchain

As shared by developers, Python is one of the most user-friendly and intuitive programming languages. This makes it popular among programmers.

With this feature 100% functional, we can expect more projects to be launched on the Cardano blockchain, making it grow further in front of other competitors, especially its arch-rival Ethereum.


However, the reader needs to remember that the development is still in its early stages, and developers will do more testing before its effectiveness is certified. If the new functionality arrives at the pace Cardano delivers projects, such as Shelly and Alonzo, ADA investors will have to wait a long time for Python to interact with Plutus.

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