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Crypto Veteran Bobby Lee Predicts When Bitcoin Bear Market Would End. Here’s His Timeline

Crypto veteran Bobby Lee has predicted when the current cryptocurrency and Bitcoin bear market would come to an end.

In a new interview with CNBC, Lee said crypto and Bitcoin (BTC) may stay bearish for the next one or two years.

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According to the veteran crypto pundit, Bitcoin fared better compared to other digital assets after the market downturn initiated by the FTX exchange.

Lee added further that more regulation is needed for crypto-related firms to regain trust and confidence in the nascent industry.

Bobby Lee noted:

I think it’s going to be pretty bearish for the next year or two. Personally, I predict the bull market will come back in probably two years’ time. Certainly, by late 2024, it will be two years from right now, and certainly by early 2025. But time will tell. It’s hard to pin down exactly when this bear market will bottom out.,,

“We’re definitely in the bear market after the FTX collapse last month. All of crypto has really come down a lot. Bitcoin has held itself relatively steady.

“It only has come down to 10-20% and the rest of crypto has gone down 50%. A lot of the crypto tokens have gone down much much lower…

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“I’m always a proponent of more regulation in the crypto market again. Just to be clear, I’m talking about the regulation of companies around the cryptocurrency market and not the regulation of the asset itself because the asset itself is inert. It’s just what it is. It is a commodity just like gold and silver.


“No amount of regulation can change the chemical composition of gold or silver. And same thing, no amount of regulation can change the composition of Bitcoin itself.

“However, what we can regulate and we should regulate are the companies that do business with cryptocurrency especially those that do custodial services or store cryptocurrency for other people.”

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