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Crypto Community Sets Terra Classic (LUNC) Price for June 30th as Parity Upgrade Launches

June 14, 2023, marked the successful completion and execution of the highly anticipated Parity Upgrade by the Joint L1 Task Force (L1TF), which comprises renowned developers from the Terra Classic community.

It is worth mentioning that the Parity Upgrade project became attainable, following the endorsement of proposal 11561 by the ever-supportive Terra Classic community. In addition, the Parity Upgrade received full backing from industry behemoth Binance, a testimony of the new project being a massive incorporation.

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Impacts Of The Newly Launched Project On LUNC Market Trend

The crypto market’s bearish outlook could not impede Terra Classic’s (LUNC) surge as the project ascended to the summit of cryptocurrencies standings, following a remarkable 7-day gain.

However, June 16 witnessed LUNC struggling to establish a distinction that could differentiate it from becoming the most notable underperforming crypto project for the day. This singular downtrend noticed on June 16 has instilled uncertainties among LUNC token holders.

CoinMarketCap LUNC’s Month-End Price Prediction

The countless uncertainties associated with the Terra Classic’s ecosystem seemed to force LUNC investors to look into LUNC’s end-of-the-month price predictions crypto community in the crypto market tracing site, CoinMarketCap.

After due analysis, the community came up with an average price for LUNC at the end of the month at $0.000143, implying a 59.45% spike from its current prices.

Crypto Community Sets the Price of Terra Classic (LUNC) for June 30th as Parity Upgrade Launches
Source: CoinMarketCap

The LUNC community’s final price estimate vote serves as a compelling meter of market sentiment, noting the prevailing belief encircling Terra Classic and its expected future performance.

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Analysing Terra Classic (LUNC) Chart Representation

LUNC’s current price of $0.00009506 depicts a decline of 1.72% within the day while experiencing a 3.03% decrease over the week.

Remarkably, LUNC is backed by an impressive support level of $0.00008, indicating a new level of significant buying interest.


Meanwhile, while the overall valuation of the Terra Classic token remains pegged at $555 million, it still encounters a challenging resistance Level at $0.00011, impeding the token’s potential upward surge.

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