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Terra Classic (LUNC) Gets Closer to Parity as Team Completes v2.1.0 Test Rehearsal Upgrade

The Terra Classic (LUNC) Layer-1 Joint Task Force (L1JTF) continues to attain new feats on its second-quarter development project.

According to the team in one of its recent tweets, the dress rehearsal upgrade, which is meant to update the rebel-2 testnet to v2.1.0, is now complete. This implies that the procedure to bring LUNC to parity with Terra 2.0 and Cosmos blockchain is progressing as planned.

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It can be recalled that the team fixed May 31 for the v2.1.0 testnet upgrade. The fact that the team was able to complete the upgrade represents their determination to hit the set targets.

In a series of tweets, LuncBurnArmy (LBA), the project manager for the L1 team, noted:

“Today we had a successful rehearsal upgrade for v2.1.0 (parity). It was a success! We will be posting the results for discussion, and then expect a governance vote to go up prior to June 7th for a June 14th upgrade!

“We were able to include the minimum 5% commission feature for validators, and as a result, as of June 14th, all validators will be set to a minimum commission rate of 5%. Validators with a commission rate 5% or higher will have their commission rates stay the same.

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“Now that we will be running Cosmwasm v1.1.0 on June 14th, it should be easier for dApp owners to join our network. We encourage all to participate in this vibrant and thriving ecosystem that has an amazing community!”


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