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CNBC Analyst Ran Neuner: XRP Is One of Five Bear Market Surviving Tokens with Real Use Cases

Ran Neuner, a well-known CNBC analyst and crypto influencer, recently explored the future of cryptocurrencies, highlighting XRP as one of the few tokens to thrive amidst bear markets and regulatory obstacles. During his Crypto Banter YouTube show, Neuner emphasized the necessity of investing in coins with core utilities.

Based on his considerable expertise in the crypto market, Neuner chose XRP as one of five digital currencies with the capacity to thrive despite bear markets and regulatory challenges. He urged investors to carefully evaluate their cryptocurrency portfolios, as the next market cycle is projected to be drastically different from past ones.

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The analyst highlighted the growing importance of institutions in the present bull market. He stated that institutions are becoming the main force behind market dynamics, using complex financial products such as options and futures rather than depending solely on spot buying.

Neuner emphasized specific conditions that assets must overcome in order to survive the bear market. XRP must reach its previous high of $3.30, while Bitcoin must surpass $69,420.

The crypto influencer emphasized the need for investing in tokens that have real-world utility and market viability. These characteristics are exemplified by XRP. He cautioned against emotional attachment to tokens, pointing out that the market is only concerned with what works and what doesn’t, regardless of community allegiance.

Finally, Neuner urged viewers to analyze their portfolios objectively and realistically. He emphasized the importance of adapting to shifting market dynamics caused by institutional engagement, as well as finding tokens that have the capacity to withstand the current bear market and regulatory issues.

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Investing in XRP: A Token with Strong Utilities

When looking for investment opportunities during bear markets, it is critical to prioritize tokens with real-world utility and solid foundations. XRP stands out as one such coin with enormous potential. XRP is well-positioned to meet the needs of financial institutions and cross-border payment systems due to its rapid transaction processing times and low fees.

Furthermore, Ripple’s collaboration with numerous banks and financial institutions across the world has somewhat made XRP investors’ choice. XRP demonstrates its power to revolutionize established banking systems by enabling seamless global transactions.


Investors looking to ride out a weak market should take note of XRP’s utility-driven approach and strategic collaborations, which distinguish it from other coins.

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