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Cloud Computing Platform iagon Officially Announces Migration to Cardano from Ethereum Network

What the Cardano community has been longing for has started to play out as a leading cloud computing platform just announced its migration from Ethereum to the Cardano network.

Iagon, a Cloud Computing Platform offering access to a decentralized $IAG-powered Shared Storage Economy, made the new development known on Twitter a couple of hours ago.

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According to the report, over 50% of iogon’s token supply has been moved from Ethereum to the Cardano blockchain.

Iagon tweeted, “Officially migrated to Cardano! Today we bridged over 50% of our token supply from Ethereum. Loving the support from the Cardano Community. Onwards & Upwards.”

Iagon has been showcasing its interest in the Cardano blockchain for quite a long time. Back in September 2021, the firm announced the donation of the sum of 10,000 ADA to VeriTree for the support of Cardano Global Impact Challenge, an initiative that plans to plant 1 million trees.

Back then, the firm announced, “Iagon is excited to support Cardano Global Impact Challenge! We have donated 10k ADA to support #1MillionTrees. Proof and Nominees coming soon. Together we can build a first decentralized storage/computing platform on Cardano.”

Veritree’s reforestation verification records are said to be stored on the Cardano blockchain. The technology makes it possible to verify data from planting sites and link every individual donation to the area of land it helped to restore.

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Can Users Also Start Migrating Right Away?

In the announcement’s thread, a curious Cardano community member asked if users can also start migrating. In response, iagon team said a front-facing bridge will be created within the next 1 to 2 weeks. However, tech savvy users are also allowed to find a means to initiate the migration.


Iagon team noted, “If you are techsavy you might find a way yourself but for everyone else we are creating a front facing bridge for users. ETA 1-2 weeks.”

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