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China Adopts VeChain Toolchain for Food Safety and Traceability

VeChain Toolchain,  a one-stop blockchain data service platform, has been recognized as the best fit for building a sustainable food traceability system, structured to prevent food safety risks in the world’s most populous country. 

China Food Safety Network and VeChain

The China Food Safety Network (CFSN) is a body saddled with the responsibility of improving and monitoring national standards of food production in the East Asian country. 

Reportedly, the China Food Safety Network has created a sub-department dubbed China Food Safety Traceability Co-governance Federation. The entity is tasked to build a food traceability system that will promote the comprehensive management of China’s food industry.

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Also, the unit’s core responsibility is to ensure food quality and safety while regulating the healthy development of the food industry.

Per the report, the China Food Safety Traceability Co-governance Federation will also play an active role in promoting innovation and development in the nation’s food industry. 

Part of the document said, 

“After investigation by China Food Safety Network, recommendation by the Secretariat of China Food Safety Traceability and Co-Governance Federation, and evaluation by member units of China Food Safety Traceability and Co-Governance Federation, Shanghai VeChain Information Technology Co., Ltd was elected as the Standing Committee Member of China Food Safety Traceability and Co-Governance Federation.

The company hired VeChain CEO, Lu Yang as a standing member of the China Food Safety Traceability Co-governance Federation,” the report added

It is believed that with the integration of blockchain technology into the system, food traceability can be made more effective.

On this premise, the China Food Safety Network is out to leverage the capabilities of the VeChain ToolChain to provide reliable data support for food regulatory authorities, and further implement food safety strategies. 

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Leveraging the VeChain ToolChain

VeChain ToolChain is a self-developed comprehensive blockchain application platform backed by the VeChainThor blockchain with BaaS, PaaS, and SaaS offerings.

The China Food Safety Network believes that the data traceability of the VeChain ToolChain will help unleash the vitality of the food supply chain and also improve supply chain transparency.  

“This product can provide flexible and light-developed blockchain food traceability SaaS services for food companies, complete data uploading on the chain at 5 to 10 times the speed of traditional technology, and efficiently achieve origin certification and supply chain transparency”

“At present, the blockchain food safety traceability SaaS solution provided by VeChain has served many food companies and brands in the past. VeChain will continue to deeply cultivate the field of food traceability, use blockchain technology to help the construction of agricultural product traceability systems, serve the digital transformation of enterprises, and contribute to the national food safety strategy,” the report added

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VeChain Adoption on the Rise

VeChain, the leading enterprise-grade Layer 1 smart contract platform, has recorded strategic partnerships and mega adoptions in recent times. 

In early June, VeChain announced a partnership deal worth $100 million with UFC, the leading martial arts company, to boost the global adoption of blockchain technology.

In the same month, VeChain grabbed another mega-deal with Supply@ME to build a Web3 inventory monetization platform on its blockchain.

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