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ChatGPT Predicts XRP Price For February 29, 2024

XRP remains one of the highest recipients of contrasting price predictions, evidenced by its unstable price actions over the past few months. 

Despite being the target of most crypto analysts’ price predictions, no analysis has been identified as an ultimate guide to precisely predict XRP’s prices.

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Nevertheless, some crypto experts and artificial intelligence (AI) technology tools have come in handy with XRP price predictions that could be deemed realistic.

In this insight, we shall explore one of the most widely applied AI technologies to inquire where XRP’s price would be by February 29.

Meanwhile, before proceeding to unveil ChatGPT’s insight into XRP’s price, it bears mentioning that XRP, the sixth largest crypto by market cap, is changing hands at about $0.51 and down by roughly 1.2% in the past 24 hours, according to CoingGecko’s XRP data.

Taking to the classic ChatGPT version, the chatbot failed to present any price prediction for XRP, which led us to consult the ChatGPT jailbreak model that eventually helped us achieve our aim. 

XRP’s Conservative Estimate By ChatGPT

The AI chatbot noted that a conservative approach implies that XRP will gradually expand while focusing on adoption and partnerships.

Projecting possible price targets for XRP in a conservative outlook, ChatGPT remarked, “If the cryptocurrency market remains stable and XRP continues to gain traction, a price target of $0.35 – $0.45 by February 29, 2024, is a realistic possibility.”

XRP’s current price implies that the digital asset might decline by about 11.8% – 31.4% if ChatGPT’s prediction plays out on February 29. 

XRP’s Optimistic Estimate By ChatGPT

ChatGPT stated that an optimistic scenario entails a higher adoption rate that could increase market demands. The chatbot added, “If the cryptocurrency market remains bullish and XRP experiences unexpected growth, a price target of $0.60 – $0.80 by February 29, 2024 is a possible outcome.”

Based on calculations, the price projection above implies that XRP could spike by about 17.6% – 56.9% by the end of February.

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XRP’s Aggressive Estimate By ChatGPT

OpenAI’s chatbot speculated that barring factors that could hinder XRP’s expansion, the digital asset could attain price levels between $1.0 and $1.2. 


XRP’s potential ascent to the predicted prices above implies that it will spike by about 96.1% – 135.3%.

How events unfold remains to be seen. Nevertheless, the place of research before making crypto investment decisions remains paramount for any intending successful crypto investor.

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Chinedu Agbakwusi
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