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What Makes Cardano the Most Anticipated Smart Contract Platform in the Blockchain Space

Robert Tran, the COO of Bondly Finance that signed a partnership with Cardano a couple of weeks ago, has stated that Cardano (ADA), the largest proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain, is literally the most anticipated smart contract platform in the blockchain space.

The partnership was signed last month to build a cross-chain bridge between the network and Ethereum, as entertainment companies work to mitigate the environmental impact of blockchain, which is their primary criteria for choosing a network.

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Describing the energy consumption of Ethereum, Robert Tran said:

“One transaction on Ethereum literally uses as much power as the conventional hospital uses in a day and a half. It’s simply just not sustainable.”

Cardano Could Be a Lasting Solution

Tran also described how Cardano cross-chain could help in easing the energy consumption concerns. He said, “The bridge has the potential to literally divert a significant portion of these transactions that are happening underneath onto the Cardano chain and that’s massive.”

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According to the COO of Bondly Finance, there are other factors that are attracting projects to build on top of the Cardano blockchain.

Robert Tran noted:

“Environmental concerns and the speed of transactions we feel will be key drivers in onboarding major consumer brands in the future. The other one is you know our view as a company but the future of blockchain is interoperability.”

Tran further added that “Bondly has been built as an interoperable transparent portable swap protocol and we feel that this is the future of NFTs and Cardano is literally the most anticipated smart contract platform in the blockchain space.”

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Cardano’s NFT Maker Has Made over a Hundred Thousand NFTs

During a recent Cardano 360 session, Josh Miller, Cardano’s commercial NFT lead, highlighted the various achievement recorded in relation to NFT on Cardano since the launch of Alonzo on the mainnet.

According to Miller, Cardano’s NFT maker has already made over a hundred thousand NFTs, most of which are built on Marketplaces native to the Cardano blockchain. The biggest of these marketplaces is CNFT, which is already a big rival to Ethereum.

Miller said, “We’re seeing a lot of tech come online… we’re seeing explosive growth in the CNFT community.”


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He said CNFT recently attained a hundred thousand registrations in the Cardano community, including the minting of 1.7 million NFTs and 1.5 million of ADA traded within the ecosystem. These serve as an indication that the ecosystem is growing rapidly.

Miller also pointed out that the one major reason behind the growth of Cardano NFT products is the diminishing of Ethereum’s role in the sector.

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