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Charles Hoskinson: 2022 Is About Optimizing Throughput and Connecting Sidechains, It’ll Be a Fun Year for Cardano

Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of Input Output Global (IOG), who created Cardano, the largest proof of stake (PoS) blockchain, has stated that 2022 will be fun for Cardano because it’s a year about optimizing throughput and connecting sidechains on the blockchain.

Hoskinson made this known a couple of hours ago in a tweet that has accrued thousands of reactions. According to the mathematician, many Cardano critics fail to see Ouroboros as a protocol family with solutions to hard problems.

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Charles Hoskinson tweeted, “What people don’t get about Ouroboros is that it’s a protocol family that already has the hard stuff figured out. 2022 is about optimizing throughput and connecting sidechains. It’s not theory. It’s just code from pipelining to input endorsers. It’s going to be a fun year.”

Reacting to the tweet, a supposed Cardano enthusiast reiterated his confidence in the project, urging Hoskinson to ignore critics and keep doing what he believes would brighten the future of the blockchain.

“Lots of haters out there. Gotta focus on building the blocks that give Cardano best opportunity for global dominance ignore the BS. Recently watched the Banter YouTube channel; just WOW!!! Haters to the fullest…. Won’t be long they gonna regret the hateraid.”

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In response, Hoskinson said, “I cannot understand why Ran decided to host such garbage. I won’t be going on CB again. It’s pointless and creates ratings for the noise. We got a clear line of sight for all our project goals after more than a half decade of hard work. It will speak for itself.”

Responding to a user that asked to know when more information on input endorsers will be released, Cardano Creator said:

“They are described in the original ouroboros classic paper from 2016. We have an update that is throughput focused that will be published in a month or two depending upon the holidays. Blog post is also coming before the end of the year.”

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Meanwhile, Hoskinson had stated that he’s really loving how Cardano’s roadmap for 2022 is coming together. In a tweet on 12th November 2022, he said many great innovations are coming to meet hundreds of projects building on Cardano:

“I’m really loving how the roadmap for 2022 Cardano is coming together. It’s a living ecosystem, growing, refining, adapting, and becoming stronger. The technology is unbelievable and we have so many great innovations coming to meet the hundreds of projects building on Cardano.”

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