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Cardano Creator Hoskinson Ready to Make Peace with XRP Community. Here’s What He Said

In a least-expected twist of events, Cardano creator, Charles Hoskinson, has taken a bold step aimed at teaming up with the XRP community.

The reason for Hoskinson’s latest move is not far-fetched as it could be due to the naming of ADA among the security assets by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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The Cardano founder made his intention known via a tweet on his official Twitter handle, where he wrote, “XRP community, peace?” Hoskinison’s plea for peace was surprising because both XRP and ADA community members have been at loggerheads for a long time.

XRP Community Members’ Reactions To Charles’ Plea For Peace

Hoskinson’s tweet has stirred different reactions and mixed feelings from XRP enthusiasts. Most XRP community members took to Twitter to voice their opinions under Charles’ tweet.

Some community members were okay with Charles’ call for peace as they deem the alliance with the ADA community as a more formidable force that could resist SEC’s attacks on the crypto community. While some XRP community enthusiasts opined that it was okay to continue with the hostility that seemed to exist between both parties.

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Bill Morgan, the Australian-based lawyer, was among the prominent crypto community members that spoke about the new development.

Per Morgan, most XRP holders also own ADA tokens. These individuals don’t mind accepting Cardano creator’s plea for peace to save their digital assets from further damages that could emanate from SEC’s action.

In a different scenario, a Twitter user with the incognito XRPcryptowolf enquired if XRP community members are no longer conspiracy theorists because SEC mentioned ADA as a security in its lawsuits against Binance.

Tony Edward, the founder of Thinking Crypto, reminded the Cardano founder of how he began the hostility with the XRP community on his podcast the previous year. Edward noted that Charles should prove his seriousness by first making peace with the XRP enthusiasts on his show.

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Crypto Eri, a renowned XRP-focused YouTuber, proposed a discussion between Charles and other XRP top bosses. Eri also encouraged the Cardano founder to send her a Direct Message (DM) for more details on how to go about his latest call for peace.

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Origin Of The Dispute Between Charles Hoskinson And The XRP Community

The hostility between Charles and the XRP community members began last year after Charles tagged the XRP community’s United States SEC’s assertion as a grand conspiracy. Charles stated, “The XRP community tried to invent this grand conspiracy that there was blatant corruption between the insiders at the SEC and Ethereum. I don’t honestly think that that’s the issue here.” Charles’s statement did not go well with the XRP enthusiasts, who slammed the Cardano boss.

It is pertinent to note that XRP community members have always claimed that the former SEC executive William Hinman, had a conflict of interest with Ethereum (ETH) founders. Most crypto enthusiasts believed that the conflict of interest necessitated Hinman to declare ETH as a non-security asset in his famous 2018 speech.

In addition, XRP enthusiasts also asserted that Hinman’s relationship with Ethereum was the reason for the ongoing lawsuit against Ripple.

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