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Cardano Builder IOG Partners With Stanford University To Create and Fund ‘Blockchain Research Hub’

Input Output Global (IOG), the driving force behind the decentralized and smart contract platform, Cardano, has partnered with the prestigious Stanford University to support innovative research into blockchain and distributed ledger technology.

This partnership with Stanford University represents a logical next step in the work started by IOG, per the announcement.

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“We’ve been dedicated to vigorous research since the inception of the business and our work forms the foundations on which Cardano has been built. Working with leading academic institutions like Stanford to set up these blockchain research hubs is key to our vision, Charles Hoskinson noted. 

With the Research Hub, blockchain development can grow even faster, based on the new learnings that will emerge, and the hub will add a new layer of validity to our sector that we haven’t always been afforded,” the CEO of IOG and Cardano (ADA) founder added. 

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IOG Supporting Blockchain-Related Research 

The Charles Hoskinson-led IOG team strives to encourage the building of blockchain solutions on the foundation of research. This could aid in preventing the recent bad incidents such as bridge hacks, project collapses, and network outages among others. 

IOG, which was founded by Charles Hoskinson and Jeremy Wood in 2015, is a top blockchain infrastructure research and engineering company that prioritizes peer-reviewed and academic research. Over the years, data showed that over 130 research papers have been published by the IOG team. 

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The IOG intends to finance the Blockchain Research Hub at Stanford to the tune of $4.5 million till 2025. It is said that the research hub will be led by a steering committee consisting of Stanford and IOG top researchers. 


Per the update, “the hub seeks to tackle fundamental/ foundational questions in the blockchain space, extensively increase the blockchain industry’s collation of scientific knowledge, and promote the importance of research in this nascent space.”

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