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Cardano (ADA) Unveils Roadmap to the Fully Decentralized Future

Cardano (ADA) has officially entered the Voltaire era, marking a significant milestone in its evolution towards a fully decentralized and self-sustaining ecosystem.

This final phase of Cardano’s roadmap focuses on establishing a robust governance framework and empowering the community to shape the network’s future.

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The Significance of Voltaire

The Voltaire era is characterized by the introduction of a voting and treasury system, enabling ADA holders to actively participate in decision-making processes that affect the network’s development and direction.

This shift towards decentralized governance places the power in the hands of the community, ensuring that the network remains aligned with the collective interests of its stakeholders.

The voting system, a cornerstone of the Voltaire era, allows ADA holders to propose and vote on Cardano Improvement Proposals (CIPs) and Funding Proposals (FPs), which outline potential changes to the network’s protocol or features.

This mechanism ensures that the community has a direct say in shaping the future of Cardano, fostering a sense of ownership and engagement among ADA holders.

The Treasury System

The treasury system, another key component of Voltaire, allocates a portion of transaction fees to a community-managed fund. This fund will be used to finance development initiatives, support ecosystem projects, and incentivize participation in governance activities.

By establishing a sustainable funding mechanism, the treasury system ensures that Cardano’s growth and development are not reliant on external sources, further solidifying its autonomy.

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A Glimpse into the Future

Cardano has deployed a testnet called SanchoNet to provide a real-world preview of the Voltaire era’s features. SanchoNet allows users to experience the voting and treasury systems firsthand, simulating the governance processes that will shape Cardano’s future.

This hands-on approach enables the community to test and refine the governance framework before it is fully implemented on the mainnet.


The Voltaire era represents a crucial step in Cardano’s journey towards true decentralization. The crypto project is empowering the community with the tools to govern and sustain the network. This will pave the way for a future where its development is driven by the collective wisdom of its stakeholders.

This shift towards decentralized governance sets Cardano apart from many other blockchains, positioning it as a pioneer in the quest for a truly self-governing and sustainable blockchain ecosystem.

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